WHAT I’M PLAYING – Far Cry, and what I’d rather be playing…

Far Cry 4 seems to be pulling the same maneuver that Far Cry 3 did, and that’s keep the main antagonist from us. 3’s Vaas was great, he was intriguing, and psychotic. By far the best part of the game, and we saw him so infrequently and then sadly did away with him half way through the game.

Far Cry 4 gives us an amazing introduction to the new world Kyrat, and to our antagonist Pagan Min, the reclusive glorious leader of the region. And like the Far Cry predecessor, it appears that they enjoy keeping the antagonist from us. We get introduced at the start, a reminder half way through, and then a final interaction at the end where we’re given a choice in Pagan Min’s fate.


Throughout the game we’re graced with voice messages from Min, as he checks in on us during our journey, but these aren’t enough. The character is so weird and intriguing, we’re driven through the game to get as many interactions as possible with Min. But he’s kept from us, as we’re left with the squabbling pair of Golden Path leaders, and told Min is the bad guy.

Is it the absence of these antagonists that make them so appealing? Would more interactions or appearances ruin their fascination? Or is it that all the work is put into their introduction, that the antagonist’s character isn’t actually as fleshed out as we think?

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NEWS – New Games Get Released, and Konami Taketh Away

So, to get the big news out of the way, Konami has confirmed that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s Silent Hills featuring The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus has officially been cancelled.

Say it ain't so....

Say it ain’t so….

Originally revealed during a Playable Teaser released on the PS4, Silent Hills had a lot of buzz surrounding it, namely because of the people attached to the project. The project, however, has had an air of confusion surrounding it ever since the announcement of Kojima Productions and Konami splitting after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Since then it’s been a downward spiral of negative revelations.

Following the announcement of the split, the PS4 playable teaser was announced to be removed from the PS Store. Then Guillermo Det Toro announced that he was no longer attached to the project with Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima. Then Konami delisted itself from the NY Stock Exchange as they felt it wasn’t economically viable. And then the final nail in the coffin was Konami’s announcement of the official cancellation.

They didn’t rule out future Silent Hill games, just that this particular project was over.

Womp womp.

After the break we got some, hopefully, lighter news, about Dirt, Arkham Knight, and Just Cause 3, and Tuesday’s new games.

Dirt Rally

PC only version of the upcoming Dirt game has been released on Steam Early Access. It seems to be a truncated version of a potential full release, or not. Maybe this will be the only new Dirt game for now? I dunno.


Dirt Rally features 17 cars and 36 stages across 3 large areas. It is meant to be a true rally game, without the additional modes like previous Dirt games had, like races, or Gymkhana. Sad to see this is PC only. I’m curious what the next-gen future holds for this brand.

Arkham Knight Reveal – All Who Follow You


New Trailer. Yes! June 23rd release day cannot come soon enough. Yes.

New info came out that the game will now be rated M – Mature Audiences. No Complaints. And the new trailer debuted the new gameplay mechanic called Dual Play, which allows the player to switch, Like Grand Theft Auto 5, between Batman and his allies to engage in seamless tag-team style combat.

The game also will have a season pass, including 6 months of content including new story missions, additional super-villians, challenge maps, skins, race tracks, etc. All the stuffs. Comes at a hefty price though – $39.99 – or available in a Premium Edition of the game priced at $99.

Why? Just Cause! Three.

Yup. Mayhem.

Last up we have today’s notable video game releases. The best day of the week that’s not Friday. Behold:

Tropico 5 (PS4) – This construction and management simulation game previously released everywhere else, has now been released on the Ps4. No news yet if there’s a Xbox One version in the future. It was previously released on the Xbox 360 last November.

The Golf Club (PC, Xbox One, Ps4) – Simulation Golf Game developed on the Unity engine by HB Studios. The game boasts a powerful procedurally generated coarse creator which can be shared and played online.

State_of_decay_logoState of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (Xbox One, PC) – Third-person persistent open world zombie survival game. The game focuses on survival tactics like stealth and evasion, resource management and base building. Player choice effects how the gameplay evolves. The game also features dynamic progression; the game wold continues acting whether or not the game is being played.

I think I will be picking this game up as it sounds intriguing.

That’s all. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll have further Far Cry 4 impressions and screenshots, and I hope to jump into Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China tonight. Thursday I’ll throw up a review for Call of Duty: Ghosts.



NEWS – Paint it Black

Hey there, internet. We have some news today, which includes new info from Metal Gear Solid Online, Mad Max, Destiny, Telltale, Just Cause 3, Wolfenstein, and Call of Duty.

Metal Gear Online Support 16

The Phantom Pains’s online component, Metal Gear Solid Online, has been announced that it’ll support up to 16 players on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and up to 12 players on PS3 and Xbox 360. The game will be released on Sept 1st on all the 4 consoles, and on Sept 15th on the PC.

“Why are we still here? Just to suffer?”

Destiny – House of Wolves Expansion

New news started coming about Destiny’s latest expansion, House of Wolves, and how they’ve learned from The Dark Below:

  • New upgrade system allows you to upgrade all your existing gear to the new stat thresholds, without erasing the previous progress, and you don’t need to buy the new DLC to do it.
  • You wont need to buy the new DLC to explore the new social hub: Vastian Outpost.
  • You can now reforge weapons through the gunsmith. Previously only able to do so during the Iron Banner event.
  • The speaker can exchange raw materials at a 1:1 ratio.
  • New NPC vendor and two new modes: Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris. These two are intended as highly replayable end game content. Prison of Elders is PvE and Trials of Osiris is PvP.
  • New gear and new ships
  • The new outpost on the Reef has room to expand, like the tower’s social hub.

Mad Max Gameplay Overview Trailer

This game has me pretty excited. Reminds me of 3rd Person Rage. Also reveals the Thunderdome.

Telltale Partners with Marvel

Marvel Comics has partnered with Telltale Games for a future console and PC series coming 2017. No info yet on what the title game will be, but I’m sure more info will be released soon.

Just Cause 3 Teases and Disappoints

Square Enix has revealed a new gameplay trailer will arrive on Tuesday, April 28th, so expect more info about that tomorrow, along with the new games of the week, obviously.



Avalanche Games had also announced that Just Cause 3, releasing later this year during the holiday season for PS4, Xbox One and PC, will not include multiplayer. No-Co-op :(.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Available for Pre-Order

The Wolfenstein standalone DLC is available for pre-order. The game includes 8 chapters and a handful of new weapons available to B.J. Blazkowicz, The game is available May 5th.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Reveal

New trailer, and a release date: November 6th, 2015. Set to The Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black, the trailer discusses how soldier are becoming less and less human. How far can technology go? Developed by Treyarch, this will be the first COD meant for next-gen only consoles.

  • Pre-ordering grants multiplayer beta access on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
  • New Multiplayer options, as you pick a specialist before each match which has its own unique power and weapon
  • New zombies
  • and new Campaign, obvs.

Maybe I should play through Call of Duty Black Ops 2, to get caught up.

That’s all for today. Enjoy the videos and get excited. Tomorrow is new games. Wednesday I’ll discuss Far Cry 4 and Assassin Creed Chronicles: China. Thursday I’ll have a review up for Call of Duty Ghosts.

See you then.



This week’s Achievement of the Week goes to Call of Duty Ghosts, a game I completed a couple of weeks ago, late, and well past its relevancy, I know.

That’s my thing.

This game takes a little bit of a different route to its achievements than its predecessors. Previous games had an individual achievement for each mission, a veteran difficulty specific achievement for each level grouping, and usually a few skill based achievement (kill so many people in a row with a knife, or 5 guys simultaneously with a grenade).

This time around, each level has 1 or 2 unique achievements, and does away with the Veteran difficult achievements. It’s nice to see they’re not going with the same old tiresome routine. And I’m always glad that they exclude the multiplayer achievements, but this time around they included so new gameplay modes.

I’ve jumped back into the game to wrap up some of the achievements I had missed, and I’ll also be posting the review for Ghosts on Thursday.

So I present my choice for my Achievement of the Week from Call of Duty Ghosts:

Carbon_Faceprint_CoDGCarbon Faceprint – 10G
Catch the photocopier with your face


On Mission: Federation Day, after repelling out of the building for the 3rd segment, and enemy will trow a photocopier out the window. Just catch it with your face.

I found this achievement pretty funny in name and concept. It’s not necessarily something you’d unlock naturally either.

New news tomorrow, and then the rest of the week happens. See you when I see you.


iREVIEW – Goat Simulator – More Than Just Explosions and Dubstep Music

What is Goat Simulator? Is it even a game? Or a sandbox physics simulator? What’s the story? I’m confused.

Title: Goat Simulator
Developer: Coffee Stain Studios (Double Eleven – 360 and One)
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox 360 & One
Reviewed on: Xbox One

Is it fun to play?
Is it funny?
Well then what is it?
Ummm . . .

Goat Simulator, at its most primitive, is an open-world, third-person perspective action game. Similar to Tony Hawk skateboarding games, you’re dropped into an open area, with notable key areas, and then given the task of creating your own fun through experimentation.

The Latest in Goat Simulation Technology

The Latest in Goat Simulation Technology

Major deviation, is you are a goat, aimed at doing as much damage as possible in this world, without any larger goals or aspirations.

Initially developed at Coffee Stains Studio as a joke prototype during an internal game jam and shown off on YouTube, Goat Simulator started to gain traction and excitement just from the ridiculousness of it all. Due to the popularity of the YouTube videos, the studio was prompted to build the game out to a state where it could be released as a stand-alone. Obviously the game was buggy in alpha, and a lot of these bugs added to the humour and entertainment, so they were retained in the release product.

Most notably of these bugs or glitches is the goat’s head and neck. It is very floppy and gets caught on objects easily, sometimes to the point where it doesn’t seem attached to the body anymore.

The game was originally released on Steam, to the community, and was received pretty well; some praising the title for its originality and its humourous sandbox mode, others criticizing it as a simple, buggy product that somehow became popular through social media. Coffee Stains Studio isn’t complaining though, as it made back its development budget within hours of the game’s release, and saw more success than some of its other, non-accidental, titles.


Going back to the game itself, you play a goat, obviously. You spawn in an open-ended suburban setting, and left to explore, jump, run, headbutt things, and lick objects. Licking objects will attach the goat’s tongue to said object, and lets you drag the object around.

The game also supports a ragdoll mode and slow-motion mode. At any time the player can drop the goat into ragdoll mode which allows the physics engine to take over. Slow-motion, obviously makes the game mode slower and allows more finesse while doing tricks, or more time to laugh as the physics engine does what it does best.

And the suburban environment we’re placed in allows the goat to pull off tricks or stunts – similar to a skating game – with chaining tricks together for added points. We have trampolines, mattresses and industrial fans to jump off, walls to run up, or fences to crash through. Some of the in-game goals are displayed as a checklist, meant as a type of progress report for the player throughout the game. These include destroying certain objects, or completing flips, or even doing a “manual” – walking on the goat’s front lets for a specific distance.


The collectibles scattered throughout the game, when collected, will allow certain modifiers to the goat, such as playing as a demon goat, or a giraffe (long-necked goat), or even an ostrich.

The game is very good at poking fun at itself, while also including a lot of winks to pop culture references, and other games. Even the original trailer itself was a parody of the Dead Island trailer – showing shots of the game, reversed and in slow-motion.


The game is fun for a while. It includes some very easy achievements, and may have you coming back for the collectibles, trying to find hidden Easter eggs, and of course, the laughs. It’s more than a simple joke game though – more akin to a brief distraction game. Short in content, with only two worlds, but it has its own version of Flappy Bird to keep you frustrated for hours.

For those who liked playing in the sandbox, wall running, general mayhem or slow-motion . . . things.

Notable Achievements:
Alexander Goatstafsson (Win the title boat!) – 15G
Devil Goat (We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell) – 30G