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I Think They Like Me

A quiet week with little progression. But some weeks call for a little down time. Games: We played some more Aliens: Fireteam Elite this week. We’ve passed the halfway way point of the story. One of our players has already … Continue reading

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Working Myself To Death

The game is Black The Fall. A title like Limbo or Inside. Side-scroller puzzle game with no dialogue. Only many traps and many deaths.  The Achievement is appropriately titled “work yourself to death”. At the start of the game you … Continue reading

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Achievement Hunt – Ben-Hur

Ben-Hur – Free Easy 1000G Ben-Hur doesn’t succeed as a game or as an advertisement for the film. In fact, all it’s really good for is some easy achievement points. Released before the theatrical release of the new Ben-Hur movie, the … Continue reading

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150,000G Live Blog

So today, being Sunday, the achievements of the week day, I’m doing something unique: a live blog to celebrate reaching 150,000G. It’s not a large number, by some achievement hunting standards, but it’s a milestone nonetheless. A lot higher than … Continue reading

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ACHIEVEMENT OF THE WEEK – Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Recently I’ve found that I do not have a lot of time during the week to play games. Due to work and other commitments. Instead, I play a lot over the weekend. On a milestone front, I’m quickly coming up … Continue reading

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