E3 2016

E3 2015 – Electronic Entertainment Expo

Like last year, I will be blogging about E3’s big press conferences. This will be the main hub for the information. As we get closer to the event, I’ll be posting specific information regarding the show, and then starting Sunday, June 12 will be the first press conference, with Bethesda and EA Play.

Monday is the main day though, with Microsoft and Sony, and Ubisoft.

Throughout the remainder of the week, there will be lots of news posted. So I’ll try to keep as up to date as possible throughout.

Sunday, June 12 – 1pm PT

Sunday, June 12 – 7pm PT

Monday, June 13 – 9:30pm PT

Ubisoft – Monday, June 13 – 1pm PT

Sony – Monday, June 13 – 6pm PT