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Working Myself To Death

The game is Black The Fall. A title like Limbo or Inside. Side-scroller puzzle game with no dialogue. Only many traps and many deaths.  The Achievement is appropriately titled “work yourself to death”. At the start of the game you … Continue reading

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Hideo Kojima, Games With Gold – IDL NEWS

Kojima’s New New Studio – KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS So it’s officially official. As been reported on for quite some time, lots of rumours, lots of different parties telling different stories, a lot kept secret. Hideo Kojima has officially split and a … Continue reading

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IDL SHORT – Of Men And Giants

This is a short story about the fun within Titanfall. Of Men and Giants They say that the fall is the toughest part. Strapped inside those monstrous battle mechs as they careen, screeching through the upper atmosphere, breaking sound barriers … Continue reading

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WHAT I’M PLAYING – Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the direct sequel to Conviction. It’s the seventh installment in the series, if you include the PSP Essentials, and best yet. With 2010’s Conviction, the Splinter Cell series re-discovered its stride. It introduced quicker gameplay with … Continue reading

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This week’s Achievement of the Week goes to Unmechanical, on the Xbox One, a cute little physics platformer. Recent review here -> iReview – Unmechanical. This game was a little frustrating when it came to the achievements. Not that any … Continue reading

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iREVIEW – Goat Simulator – More Than Just Explosions and Dubstep Music

What is Goat Simulator? Is it even a game? Or a sandbox physics simulator? What’s the story? I’m confused. Title: Goat Simulator Developer: Coffee Stain Studios (Double Eleven – 360 and One) Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox 360 & One Reviewed on: Xbox … Continue reading

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WHAT I’M PLAYING – BattleCry: Far-Goat Simulator

Over the weekend I started playing Goat Simulator and quite enjoyed the time I spent in Goat Ville. The game is essentially just a fun physics engine, with a goat as the lead. There are a lot of fun little … Continue reading

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