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12 Minutes a Surgeon

Wrapped up 12 Minutes this week. So spoiler warning if you’re interested about the ending, I’ll be discussing it a bit. Ok. I enjoyed the game but I found it tricky. The game essentially takes place in one small condo. … Continue reading

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Outriders – Photos and Opinions.

Overall a very cool game. Same formula as Destiny / The Division. Supports 3 player coop, and you can choose beteeen 4 different player classes. A decent length for the campaign. 30hours for me to complete 100% story and side … Continue reading

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Anthem Impressions – In Progress

I’ve been playing through Anthem slowly for about a month now. I picked it up upon release, but with my limited free evenings, have only been able to dedicate a few hours at a time. My Xbox App tells me … Continue reading

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Looking through my 2018 history, I did zero video game reviews…

Let’s change that. These are games I completed in 2018, some of which may not have released in 2018. I’ll put the initial release date in parentheses. Mafia III (2016): Mafia 3 has a really solid story. Upon release it … Continue reading

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Working Myself To Death

The game is Black The Fall. A title like Limbo or Inside. Side-scroller puzzle game with no dialogue. Only many traps and many deaths.  The Achievement is appropriately titled “work yourself to death”. At the start of the game you … Continue reading

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