WHAT I’M PLAYING / NEWS – Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China

The 2.5D Assassin’s Creed is an interesting project; this is my review in progress.

The first of three, China, features a female assassin, Shao Jun, and takes place during the Ming Dynasty. This assassin is tied to the Assassin’s lore through the legendary Ezio Auditore, who was her master trainer.

Throughout the game, whenever introduced to a new gameplay mechanic, we’re brought to a training room to be taught by the man himself.

The game is stealth based platforming game, and is primarily 2D in navigation. There are, however, certain areas of the map that utilize the 2.5D visuals: when we’re climbing on walls or around certain structures that bring us into the foreground, or when we traverse planks that will bring us to a section of the level in the background.

Just kell 'em with your awesome.

Just kell ’em with your awesome.

The game is very much like Klei Entertainment’s Mark of the Ninja, in its utilization of tools or actions to distract guards so that we may pass unopposed, tools, such as firecrackers or knives to disable the guards, and actions such as whistling to direct the guard’s attention to a specific place. The game also utilizes bushes and doorways to hide the player and sneak past guards.

Visually, the game is inspired by traditional brush paintings, and shows that great attention to detail was put into the level’s architecture.

Once I’ve progressed further through the story I’ll be able to share some more thoughts and a review.

In the disc tray and HDD I also have Far Cry 4 slowly plugging away without me, and I jump into GTA V occasionally when I want to just sit and watch a world pass me by, and experience the happenstance. I guess I could go outside too.

In the near future I have Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, newly pressed, and I would also like to give State of Decay a shot. Destiny’s DLC is right around the corner, and as always, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is screaming to be played. I hope to have some impressions of at least one of these games next week.

On to some news for this week:

Titanfall 2 Release Date
has stated that we shouldn’t expect Titanfall 2 until their company’s 2017 fiscal year. Great. Thanks for nothing.

Mirror’s Edge’s Release
Also included ion EA’s news is that the sequel will be released early next year, 2016.

Silent Hills’ P.T Gone from the PS Store
You can’t download the playable teaser anymore. It’s gone. Even if you HAD downloaded it in the past, and then deleted it for space, too bad, it’s gone. So sad.

This is the final nail in the coffin that is Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s Silent Hills.

Destiny’s Prison of Elders
New info has come to light regarding the new Prison of Elders. The game is a wave-based mode, having the 3 guardians against multiple waves of baddies plus addition objectives.

Can't wait to get home and play Destiny

Can’t wait to get home and play Destiny

  • The level 28 difficulty will include matchmaking, but levels any higher will not. So bring good friends.
  • The objectives mid match will include destroying or disarming bombs, or killing mini-bosses before they reach their destination. This will prevent the players from just hiding in a corner and shooting everything, encouraging them to stay on the move.
  • Each match with a unique modifier, similar to the ones in Strikes. These include shield modifiers, melee damage, enemy melee damage, weapon damage, etc. Next match, new modifier.
  • The arena will be littered with web mines. These are zones that will slow player movement and deal damage.

Also revealed was a new Strike to be included in the House of Wolves DLC, titled The Shadow Thief

New Assassin’s Creed Being Revealed Next Week
Assassin’s Creed, and the future of the series will be revealed next week, Tuesday May 12th, 2015. Stay Tuned.

Good thing I haven’t beat Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag or started Assassin’s Creed Unity. Wouldn’t want to fall behind.


So, with all that being said, I have nothing more for today. It’s too late to go outside. Maybe tomorrow.


NEWS – New Games Get Released, and Konami Taketh Away

So, to get the big news out of the way, Konami has confirmed that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s Silent Hills featuring The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus has officially been cancelled.

Say it ain't so....

Say it ain’t so….

Originally revealed during a Playable Teaser released on the PS4, Silent Hills had a lot of buzz surrounding it, namely because of the people attached to the project. The project, however, has had an air of confusion surrounding it ever since the announcement of Kojima Productions and Konami splitting after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Since then it’s been a downward spiral of negative revelations.

Following the announcement of the split, the PS4 playable teaser was announced to be removed from the PS Store. Then Guillermo Det Toro announced that he was no longer attached to the project with Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima. Then Konami delisted itself from the NY Stock Exchange as they felt it wasn’t economically viable. And then the final nail in the coffin was Konami’s announcement of the official cancellation.

They didn’t rule out future Silent Hill games, just that this particular project was over.

Womp womp.

After the break we got some, hopefully, lighter news, about Dirt, Arkham Knight, and Just Cause 3, and Tuesday’s new games.

Dirt Rally

PC only version of the upcoming Dirt game has been released on Steam Early Access. It seems to be a truncated version of a potential full release, or not. Maybe this will be the only new Dirt game for now? I dunno.


Dirt Rally features 17 cars and 36 stages across 3 large areas. It is meant to be a true rally game, without the additional modes like previous Dirt games had, like races, or Gymkhana. Sad to see this is PC only. I’m curious what the next-gen future holds for this brand.

Arkham Knight Reveal – All Who Follow You


New Trailer. Yes! June 23rd release day cannot come soon enough. Yes.

New info came out that the game will now be rated M – Mature Audiences. No Complaints. And the new trailer debuted the new gameplay mechanic called Dual Play, which allows the player to switch, Like Grand Theft Auto 5, between Batman and his allies to engage in seamless tag-team style combat.

The game also will have a season pass, including 6 months of content including new story missions, additional super-villians, challenge maps, skins, race tracks, etc. All the stuffs. Comes at a hefty price though – $39.99 – or available in a Premium Edition of the game priced at $99.

Why? Just Cause! Three.

Yup. Mayhem.

Last up we have today’s notable video game releases. The best day of the week that’s not Friday. Behold:

Tropico 5 (PS4) – This construction and management simulation game previously released everywhere else, has now been released on the Ps4. No news yet if there’s a Xbox One version in the future. It was previously released on the Xbox 360 last November.

The Golf Club (PC, Xbox One, Ps4) – Simulation Golf Game developed on the Unity engine by HB Studios. The game boasts a powerful procedurally generated coarse creator which can be shared and played online.

State_of_decay_logoState of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (Xbox One, PC) – Third-person persistent open world zombie survival game. The game focuses on survival tactics like stealth and evasion, resource management and base building. Player choice effects how the gameplay evolves. The game also features dynamic progression; the game wold continues acting whether or not the game is being played.

I think I will be picking this game up as it sounds intriguing.

That’s all. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll have further Far Cry 4 impressions and screenshots, and I hope to jump into Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China tonight. Thursday I’ll throw up a review for Call of Duty: Ghosts.



WHAT I’M PLAYING / NEWS – Far Cry and The Handsome Collection and News

Far Cry 4

As I had mentioned in the past couple posts, I’ve been playing Far Cry 4 a lot. The game is a lot of fun and so random at times. It also caters to the creative types who want to have fun. Lately I’ve been playing in Co-op, but upon switching roles, I’ve noticed there are some limitations.

Co-Op Glory

Co-Op Glory

For starters, it runs off the hosts’s game, therefore the host will retain any of the map progress that the pair unlock: Bell Towers, Forts, Outposts. The joining partner only retains the XP, loot, and and unlocked perks. Loading up their own game will see the Map progress returned to their previous single-player campaign progress. This is kind of unfortunate. It still fun though as there are a lot of activities the two can take part in.

The game also prevents the two of you from getting too far apart from one another. At a certain point, the other player will be forced to spawn closer.

Keep an eye out for Screenshots once the Xbox Upload app gets updated, and a proper review around the corner.

Forza Horizons 2 Presents Fast and Furious

I recently wrote a quite review of this game, and wrapped it up today. Easy 1000G achievements, and maybe 2hrs of gameplay. It really is just a glorified demo as it only has 11 driveable cars, and 1/4 of the Forza Horizons 2 map. At the end it encourages you to buy the real game. Which you should. Forza Horizons 2 review here.

GetPhoto (74)

The Handsome Collection

I picked this up today, and I’m excited to start in the Pre-Sequel. When the Pre-Sequel was announced and released for the Xbox 360 last year, I really hoped that a current-gen version would be released. I didn’t even need it to be re-mastered. Luckily I got more than I wanted. Borderlands 2 (including DLC) and the Pre-Sequel (including DLC), all remastered and combined into one package.

The only issue I’ve seen so far is the games are separated. Nothing transfers over, and they actually install as two different games. So if you want to switch, you need to quit one and launch the other. Just lazy complaints.

So Handsome

So Handsome

Keep an eye out for Tales From the Borderlands Episode 1 – Sum Zero review tomorrow. All borderlands all the time it seems.

Sunset Overdrive Price Drop

Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive has received a price drop, down to $40. This isn’t a deal, but a permanent drop. i’ll pick this up when it goes on sale, though. I tried it during the 24hr free period, and it was fun. But it’s a playground game, where I typically prefer more of a narrative to drive me. 😉

Kojima’s Role in Silent Hills

Kojima’s role in Silent Hills is, at this point, still a mystery. His name, and Kojima Productions is continuing to be removed from all Konami products and websites as Konami focuses their company into a concise direction. Unknown, is if Kojima will still have a role in Silent Hills, or if it will be made by Kojima Productions. I guess we’ll have to continue to wait and see. 😦

Assassin Creed Chronicles

Ubisoft has announced the 2.5D trilogy in Assassin’s Creed Chronicle.

I watched a bit of footage from the first iteration in China and it looks pretty cool, with an interesting art style. Gameplay very much like Rayman Legends, Deadlight or early Prince of Persia games. Its a linear 2.5D platformer where you spend a lot of time running from left to right, up ladders and down buildings, slicing and dicing the whole way. Seems neat but I’m not sure where the story ties into.

We’ll see as more info gets released.

Excited for a games filled Easter Long Weekend. Stick around, but don’t forget to go outside.