This week’s Achievement of the Week goes to Call of Duty Ghosts, a game I completed a couple of weeks ago, late, and well past its relevancy, I know.

That’s my thing.

This game takes a little bit of a different route to its achievements than its predecessors. Previous games had an individual achievement for each mission, a veteran difficulty specific achievement for each level grouping, and usually a few skill based achievement (kill so many people in a row with a knife, or 5 guys simultaneously with a grenade).

This time around, each level has 1 or 2 unique achievements, and does away with the Veteran difficult achievements. It’s nice to see they’re not going with the same old tiresome routine. And I’m always glad that they exclude the multiplayer achievements, but this time around they included so new gameplay modes.

I’ve jumped back into the game to wrap up some of the achievements I had missed, and I’ll also be posting the review for Ghosts on Thursday.

So I present my choice for my Achievement of the Week from Call of Duty Ghosts:

Carbon_Faceprint_CoDGCarbon Faceprint – 10G
Catch the photocopier with your face


On Mission: Federation Day, after repelling out of the building for the 3rd segment, and enemy will trow a photocopier out the window. Just catch it with your face.

I found this achievement pretty funny in name and concept. It’s not necessarily something you’d unlock naturally either.

New news tomorrow, and then the rest of the week happens. See you when I see you.