IDL NEWS – E3 Recovery

So with E3 2015 over and done, it’s time to sit back, relax, and dissect all the news. What happened? What’s coming out? Aside from all the notable news, what about the notable omissions from the show? Keep an eye on the E3 page, as I’ll still be posting opinions and thoughts there. At least until PAX Prime 2015 and Gamescon in September.

So, onward and upwards unto the news, as it never slows down.

Red Dead Redemption Leads Xbox Backwards Compatibility
Hot off the news that come holiday season, Xbox One will support Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, currently has a vote for the most requested games to be ported first:

Currently Red Dead Redemption tops the list, followed by Call of Dutys, Skyrim, Halo Reach and Gears of War 3.

Evolve’s Second Season Pass
Evolve is getting a second season pass, titled Hunting Pass 2, will be available June 23. The latest pass will introduce four new hunters and new monster, and some exclusive skins.

maxresdefault (3)

Batman Arkham Knight Day One Patch
The release game will be a whopping 45GB install and the day one patch size has been revealed to be an additional 3.5GB. By the time the 1TB PS4 and Xbox One consoles hit the market it’ll already be too late. 2TB will be needed.


Tales From The Borderlands: Ep 3 – Catch a Ride
TellTale Games
has announced that episode 3 of Tales from the Borderlands, titled Catch a Ride will be released this week on its respected platforms. Means I should get on that Ep 2.

GameStop Retro
GameStop will be increasing its product lineup to include more used copies of retro games and refurbished game consoles. This will include more NES, N64, SNES, Sega Dreamcast, PS1, and Sega Genesis games.

Batman Arkham Knight

‘Nuff Said.

Looking ahead, I’ll be posting some more E3 stuff regarding Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dues Ex (among others) as these are two of the games I am looking forward to the most.

I recently started playing the indie hit BADLAND, and I’ll be posting some impressions of that soon.

What doesn't kill us, definitely reduces our numbers.

What doesn’t kill us, definitely reduces our numbers.

I’m still playing through The Crew and Splinter Cell The Blacklist. So, new games tomorrow, and then more news and further impressions on Crew, SplinterCell, and Badland to round off the week.

It’s summer . . . go outside!


NEWS – Paint it Black

Hey there, internet. We have some news today, which includes new info from Metal Gear Solid Online, Mad Max, Destiny, Telltale, Just Cause 3, Wolfenstein, and Call of Duty.

Metal Gear Online Support 16

The Phantom Pains’s online component, Metal Gear Solid Online, has been announced that it’ll support up to 16 players on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and up to 12 players on PS3 and Xbox 360. The game will be released on Sept 1st on all the 4 consoles, and on Sept 15th on the PC.

“Why are we still here? Just to suffer?”

Destiny – House of Wolves Expansion

New news started coming about Destiny’s latest expansion, House of Wolves, and how they’ve learned from The Dark Below:

  • New upgrade system allows you to upgrade all your existing gear to the new stat thresholds, without erasing the previous progress, and you don’t need to buy the new DLC to do it.
  • You wont need to buy the new DLC to explore the new social hub: Vastian Outpost.
  • You can now reforge weapons through the gunsmith. Previously only able to do so during the Iron Banner event.
  • The speaker can exchange raw materials at a 1:1 ratio.
  • New NPC vendor and two new modes: Prison of Elders and Trials of Osiris. These two are intended as highly replayable end game content. Prison of Elders is PvE and Trials of Osiris is PvP.
  • New gear and new ships
  • The new outpost on the Reef has room to expand, like the tower’s social hub.

Mad Max Gameplay Overview Trailer

This game has me pretty excited. Reminds me of 3rd Person Rage. Also reveals the Thunderdome.

Telltale Partners with Marvel

Marvel Comics has partnered with Telltale Games for a future console and PC series coming 2017. No info yet on what the title game will be, but I’m sure more info will be released soon.

Just Cause 3 Teases and Disappoints

Square Enix has revealed a new gameplay trailer will arrive on Tuesday, April 28th, so expect more info about that tomorrow, along with the new games of the week, obviously.



Avalanche Games had also announced that Just Cause 3, releasing later this year during the holiday season for PS4, Xbox One and PC, will not include multiplayer. No-Co-op :(.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Available for Pre-Order

The Wolfenstein standalone DLC is available for pre-order. The game includes 8 chapters and a handful of new weapons available to B.J. Blazkowicz, The game is available May 5th.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Reveal

New trailer, and a release date: November 6th, 2015. Set to The Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black, the trailer discusses how soldier are becoming less and less human. How far can technology go? Developed by Treyarch, this will be the first COD meant for next-gen only consoles.

  • Pre-ordering grants multiplayer beta access on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.
  • New Multiplayer options, as you pick a specialist before each match which has its own unique power and weapon
  • New zombies
  • and new Campaign, obvs.

Maybe I should play through Call of Duty Black Ops 2, to get caught up.

That’s all for today. Enjoy the videos and get excited. Tomorrow is new games. Wednesday I’ll discuss Far Cry 4 and Assassin Creed Chronicles: China. Thursday I’ll have a review up for Call of Duty Ghosts.

See you then.



“You’re- you’re really cool… I just- I wanted you to know that.”

Title: Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 1: Zer0 Sum
Developer: Telltale Games
Platform: Android, iOS, PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Publisher: Telltale Games
Reviewed on: Xbox One

Me, me me. Me, too.

Me, me me.

Tales from the Borderlands is an episodic adventure comedy, typical to Telltale Games, only this time around, based on the Borderlands series. Like The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us series previously, Tales from the Borderlands uses the 5 episode formula, 6 chapters per episode, where the player’s choices and actions affect the story later on. As the player, you get to move around and interact with the environments, and initiate conversations with the other story’s non-playable characters. These conversations lead the story the way you see fit, and this is where your comments and replies may impact a certain character’s views of you. The game also utilizes quick-time sequences for the action parts.

Me too.

Me too.

You play the game from two different perspectives; the first as Rhys, who is a Hyperion employee – the company man – trying to make it up the ranks. The problem with Hyperion, besides being a soulless corporation, is there’s no apparent HR department, so Rhys (or we the player) quickly finds out that his previous boss has been murdered and replaced by a new boss, and nemesis, in Vasquez. And subsequently, Rhys has been demoted to janitor.

We overhear Vasquez making a deal for a Vault Key; a deal which will take place on Pandora. We meet up with our friend Vaughn who’s the resident accountant, and make a plan to meet the dealers and make the trade for the Vault Key before Vasquez.

On the other side of the coin, we also play as Fiona, who, with her sister Sasha, work with Felix, and as partners, are a bunch of con artists.  They are the ones responsible for this deal, and we quickly learn that the Vault Key is actually a fake.

During the transaction, everything gets interrupted by the resident boss, Bossanova, who steals the money, and Zer0, the resident Vault Hunter, trying to take down Bossanova.

The two groups, now forced to work together to recover the money, track down Bossanova to his base, where the episode comes to a head. At the base, a huge bandit race is taking place, with the winner to receive the prize money – the money which was originally brought to Pandora by Rhys and Vaugh for a fake Vault Key make by Fiona, Sasha and Felix, remember?.

At the end of Episode One we see the first appearance of Handsome Jack, and are left with a cliff-hanger to his intentions with the group.

“This is why people play these types of games a few times through, to get different outcomes.”

Throughout the game the choices you make will affect the story elements going forward through the remainder of this and future episodes. Understandably, this is why people play these types of games a few times through, to get different outcomes. Luckily each episode is only a couple hours from start to finish.

As you play through, some of the choices you make, or are about to make, are unexpected, while others a little more obvious. They will not impact your ability to beat the game, or that episode per se, but the results might not be entirely favourable in your eye. At this point, we don’t know how our choices will impact our game in later episodes. Something I’m excited to find out.

This is my first attempt at playing a Telltale game since The Walking Dead Episode 1, and this is by far a huge improvement. The game moves by at a quick pace. There’s less puzzles, and quicker quick-time events. My change of opinion may also solely rest on the source material as I’ve always been a big fan of the Borderlands world. It has, however, put Telltale Games into my good books, and luckily I have the Xbox One bundle to jump into once Borderlands wraps up Season One.

“The humour is here, in droves, and this works well in Telltales favour.”

The Borderlands world suits itself well to the Telltale visual style, if not it’s gameplay. The models are designed nicely and suit the world, however the animations are a little stiff. That being said, the Borderlands series has always been hilarious, and luckily, the humour is here, in droves, and this works well in Telltales favour. Its also nice to see some familiar faces show up.

I found The Walking Dead to be too slow and methodical (again maybe due to the source material), and luckily Borderlands is quick and concise, eager to move ahead, but tells an interesting tale. The finale of Episode One takes place during a large bandit race, and this sequence, primarily done with quick time events, has a lot of moving parts all pulled off very well.

This first episode has me hopeful for the future of this series, and has piqued my interest to the other Telltale properties in The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones.

– For those who like Borderlands, Telltale Games, and humour.

(Only downside is you can’t miss any achievements, so none are notable 😦 )