Homefront – The Revolution: Further Impressions

As I continue to put time into Homefront, I’m starting to recognize its difficulty curve. As the player, you have your health bar on the side of the HUD, and you’re equipped with injection-type health packs. These are limited to 5 on your person, and the animation takes about 4 seconds to pull off. Health packs can be found around the battlefield and in the rebellion stand-offs, or can be purchased from the equipment lockers for $50 at the rebellion strongholds.

I’ve noticed that your health diminishes very quickly when exposed to gunfire, and you can die almost instantly if you come across an enemy with a shotgun. Stealth is almost near impossible in the outset of the game as the combat areas are littered with enemies, and taking down any drone or camera will immediately signal the enemy of your position. The enemy is also very quick, take more than a few good bursts of gunfire to kill, and are usually accompanied by a patrolling vehicle. Couple that with a prolonged health pack animation, where you are not invincible, I find that I’m dead before I can get the health boost..

Now, that said, I understand that we play the part of the resistance. We are supposed to be out-gunned, and out-manned. The enemy is numerous and nubile, but when I’m attacking a point of entry, or come across a patrolling scout group, I find that I’m dying a frustrating amount, only to reload my progress back at the last stronghold. I might not even be on the same side of the map. The point of the game is guerrilla warfare. Attack, and retreat. But by this thinking, its hard to advance forward.

One saving grace is the ability to get assistance from the other rebellion participants. Anybody standing idly around a stronghold can be attached to your entourage. At the very least, they provide a valuable distraction for the enemy, which allows you to pick a few off.


I’m still catching myself groaning at the checkpoint and save freezes. They’re not long, only a few seconds, but when you’re running into the enemy encampment around the corner, about to train your sights on the next enemy, and then the entire game hangs, it feels like a gut-punch. You just can’t breath while that like “checkpoint reached” save icon rotates.

The game supports a camera functionality. But it serves a purpose, or “job”. You can take pictures of your rebellion, or hacked signs, or enemy routes. These jobs unlock money and perks. It is not suited for in-game photography, which is a shame. No way of removing the HUD when taking photos.


I’ll continue to plug through it though. Maybe it will get easier as I unlock new gear and equipment. There’s clothing that can be purchased that allows the played to become more camouflaged, which’ll be a nice perk. I tried the online Resistance mode only briefly, as the first couple attempts didn’t find anyone online, and my first successful attempt had the host leave after a few minutes, and I was booted during the host migration process. So I’m glad I didn’t spend any addition money on the Resistance DLC.

On a more positive note, the move is complete, so I should be able to start posting on a semi-daily basis again. Around this time last year I was putting out some short stories like the Far Cry one, Sniper, and Titanfall. So I’ll have to work on something new. I also posted a big Top 10 Xbox games. So I’ll have to think of a new project this summer.

I’m about wrapped up my Assassin’s Creed Unity Review, and I have quite the queue of games that I’ve completed this year, that need a review. This week was the Xbox Ultimate Summer Sale, and I picked up Inside (which actually just happened to come out this week, and wasn’t on sale, but I’m excited nonetheless), Just Cause 3 (which has been quite the blast to play this afternoon) and Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.

My art table is also setup now in the new place so expect some new art stuff.





I’m overdue for an update. What have I been playing?

Shadow Complex
My last update consisted of a Review for Shadow Complex. I revisited this game after it was re-released on the Xbox One, re-mastered. You can check it out here.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
I finished the campaign for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. As I’m not an “online competitive gamer” I’m typically a year behind on Call of Duty games. The campaigns are usually solid, but since I’m not mad crazed over the online competition, picking the game up at full price is usually not worth it. And since I’ve been know to write reviews well after the game becomes irrelevant, there’s no incentive in picking up the game at release, when I have so much else to play. Expect a review soon.

Mad Max
Mad Max was a great game, so expect a review for it soon. It also has a photo editor, so I’ll be adding a gallery to the in-game photo section. I can’t speak highly enough about how fun this game was. It did have some drawbacks, mainly about the length of the game and size of the word, and boring busy-body side-missions, but nothing felt better than taking on a convoy, and ripping people out of their vehicles with the toe-cable.
Mad Max (4)

Lords of the Fallen:
As one of  March’s Xbox Free Games With Gold, I gave this a try. It’s sort of a poor-man’s Dark Souls. This should probably be under the “What I’m No Longer Playing” section, but I don’t have one of the those.

I don’t know what it is about golf games, but they are addictive. I’ve completed the main tour, and I’m working on some of the side mini-games. Review soon – it’s not as bad as some have made it out to be, but it is definitely lacking in some areas. But the same complaint can be made towards every single EA “next-gen” launch/transition titles.

A re-branding or re-imagining of sorts, EA has been a fun game to play over the past while. Pundits will complain about Live Action cutscenes, but these don’t deter from the final product. At launch the game was limited, but since then EA has updated the title with some fresh new vehicles and gameplay modes, as well as bolstering the online environment, allowing others to join in on the campaign races, as it is a populated world. So now that the game is considered complete, I’ll write a review for it.
Need for Speed™ (6)

Tom Clancy’s The Division
Holy cow have I been playing this game a lot and I’ve been having a lot of fun. It even inspired me to create a journal/diary to the game. You can check that out here. Only 5 entries as of this post, but I hope to continue it more as I progress through the campaign.

DIRT Rally
I just picked this game up before the weekend, so I haven’t had the chance to fully dive into it yet, but expect some more info throughout the week, and in-game photos. So far its very good looking (not as great as I’d hoped) and its not easy to jump right into, and requires patience to master, which I appreciate.

Deciding to release this game as Episodic was an interesting choice. Not sure if it’s because the game is incomplete or they’re wanting to spread out the title so that it’s not immediately forgotten after the launch window. It might be a smart choice. Either way it looks fantastic, with beautiful environments and lighting. And it actually allows the player to focus on each mission, playing it numerous different ways while we wait for the next episode.

Rocket League
A fun local and online soccer game with cars. I’ve been playing online with ILLESTRADER and I started up the season mode locally to try and knock off some achievements. Fun times had by all.

Well that’s no short list. Hopefully I’ll be able to knock some of this stuff off the list before month end.

In other news, E3 is around the corner in June and I am super stoked. Some of the developers have decided not to have their big conference at E3 and instead have decided to host it the day before – most notable EA. Last year Bethesda hosted theirs the day before and they’ll be doing so again, but this year EA is following suit and hosting their EA Play event. Either way I’ll be watching  and blogging. Its and exhausting 2 days of conferences, but I love it. Expect lots of news on June 12 and 13

Take care,


WHAT I’M PLAYING – BattleCry: Far-Goat Simulator

Over the weekend I started playing Goat Simulator and quite enjoyed the time I spent in Goat Ville. The game is essentially just a fun physics engine, with a goat as the lead. There are a lot of fun little jokes scattered throughout, with a lot of winks towards popular memes and pop culture news.

Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology.

Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology.

I probably won’t be playing the game that long though. I got it primarily for the achievements, which are pretty easy, and the lol’s. So once those are acquired, I don’t see myself playing the game much more.

The game was originally designed as a joke, internally in the Coffee Stains studio, during a one month game-jam, and a video was posted online for a laugh. It gathered such a following that the group decided to polish, and release it. The developer stated the game was designed as “an old school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff”.

Originally released last year on Steam, the game has since been released on other operating systems, and mobile. The release on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One was its first time on a console.

Keep an eye out for the review.

Lately I had been spending a lot of time on the FPS genre, and I’ve had a hard time sticking with one title. I had originally started Far Cry 4 and then Battlefield: Hardline was released. I played Hardline during the EA Access window, and then didn’t go back, relegated to the backburner.

After I needed a little break from Far Cry 4 I jumped into Call of Duty Ghosts. I quickly wrapped that up within a couple sittings. I need to quickly jump back in to get a few achievements and then I’ll jump back to Far Cry 4 for the remainder of the week.

Battlefield_HardlineThis past weekend I did jump into Hardline while I was testing some Twitch Streaming and game recording, and managed to complete a few more of the story campaign missions. I think this weekend I’ll play more of that as well, but I am definitely falling behind on Far Cry 4Hardline has been fun, but it definitely is not a Battlefield game.  It’s primarily stealth based, and when its not, its a difficult shooter – as a cop, I guess you’re not really meant to shoot people, or absorb bullets. Ammo is limited, and the shootouts are intense, as they’re typically in claustrophobic areas, normally not pre-meditated, but defensive, stressful, and usually outnumbered shootouts. If that’s the intent, its pulled off well.

The single player does look pretty good, but sadly not as good as its Battlefield predecessor in any aspects but the cut-scenes. Single player luckily does look better than the multiplayer, but that component, while it does hold its own, still doesn’t feel as immersive as Battlefield 4.

Other newer/older/other games on the horizon:

NeverWinter is free to play, so I might give that a shot, even though my previous post a week or so ago said I would never. We’ll see. I said “never” to Goat Simulator too, and see what happened?

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China has been released, and acquired, so I’ll be playing that. I also have Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag to play more, and GTA V (Xbox One) to play and take lovely photos in.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is waiting. I’ve started with the Pre-Sequel in co-op, so I’ll have to spend more time on Pandora. But again, it’s another FPS, a genre that I’m pretty burnt out on.

Besides that, I have quite the backlog of games I haven’t even opened yet – waiting, eager – on my shelf, or digital library. All in due time games, all in due time:

Metro Redux, TellTale Bundle (Borderlands, Game of Thrones, Wolf Among Us), Shadow of Mordor.  So many :'(.

Keep an eye out for more Far Cry 4, and Battlefield: Hardline info, screenshots and reviews soon, and Goat Simulator review tomorrow. New feature: Achievement of the Week, on Sunday