Achievement Hunt – Ben-Hur

Ben-Hur – Free Easy 1000G

Ben-Hur doesn’t succeed as a game or as an advertisement for the film. In fact, all it’s really good for is some easy achievement points.

Released before the theatrical release of the new Ben-Hur movie, the game boasts a season full of chariot racing. But this “season” comprises of only 3 races, each race one lap longer than its predecessor.

I figured it might be fun to jump into for a bit to laugh, and see how bad it is. Also see if I could unlock a few achievements along the way. And I wasn’t disappointed.

In what can be described as an achievement sprint, I captured all 10, 1000G, in an hour. I have a time-lapse video below to show the progress:

So if easy achievements are what you’re after, and you have an hour to spare, look no further than Ben-Hur. I have the achievements listed below, and how long through my 1 hr 8 minute playthrough it took me to earn them.

  • Falcon’s Swiftness – 50g (0m:57s)
    Finish a lap in under 120 seconds
  • Falcon’s Ascension – 75g (0m:57s)
    Finish a lap in under 60 seconds.
  • Spoils of the Victor – 50g (5m:37s)
    Destroy an enemy chariot.
  • Mercury’s Touch – 100g (8m:08s) 
    Finish first in a race.
  • Mercury’s Gale – 150g (16m:14s)
    Finish first in a race, without using a health potion.
  • Gauntlet of Might – 50g (20m:00s)
    Destroy an enemy chariot, with a whip attack.
  • Executioner’s Touch – 100g (34m:35s)
    Destroy all enemy chariots, in a single race.
  • Ben-Hur’s Redemption – 150g (37m:01s)
    Complete a season of racing.
  • Emperor’s Gauntlet – 75g (50m:34s)
    Destroy 5 x enemy chariots, with whip attacks.
  • Emperor’s Glory – 200g (1h:08m:42s)
    Destroy all the enemy chariots, in every race of a season.



This week’s Achievement of the Week goes to Unmechanical, on the Xbox One, a cute little physics platformer. Recent review here -> iReview – Unmechanical.

This game was a little frustrating when it came to the achievements.

Not that any of them were in any way truly difficult, but just how the value of each achievement was chosen. Typically, achievements are in multiples of 5, so its always nice to end my gamerscore in a 5 or 0.

Unmechanical does away with this trend, and ends the majority of its achievements in 6. Most are actually worth 66G. This is great if I wanted to land on numbers like 99, but I like the clean zeros, where my next milestone is 200,000G. Luckily this game can be 100%’ed.

Achievement of the Week, in Unmechanical:

97889-hiInner Peace – 30G
Balance an object on your head for 10 seconds

Work/Life Balance?

Work/Life Balance?

This is an achievement that is easily miss-able if you don’t know about it. There’s plenty of physics objects to carry around in this game, but the tractor beam is on the bottom of our little robot, so it would counterintuitive to carry something on our head. Counterintuitive: word of the day. ;).

Tomorrow, and the week following is back to news, and new games, and reviews, and progress updates on what I’m playing. I’m also thinking up ideas for a weekly column/opinion article each week.

Lots of things always in store ’round here, just not consistency.