NEWS – Forzas, Far Crys, Borderlands, oh my.

First things first, but not necessarily in that order: New Design.

I’m not sure if I like it yet, as visually, I really prefer the whole text-blog look. I find the feels of the tile mosaic overwhelming, but I can understand how reading the previous way, things get overlooked. These are raw emotions.

We’ll see how it goes for now. Once you actually start filtering things down into categories its easier to find things. I’ll start titling things to their respective categories, which I had previously only done with reviews.

Also posted over the weekend was a new screenshots page. So far I have Forza Horizons 2, GTA V (360 edition), and Saints Row III. I’m really liking the new screenshot options on the Xbox One, so expect some from Far Cry 4 once the Upload app gets up-dated. 😉


Earlier today I posted a quick review of Forza Horizons 2‘s presentation of Fast and Furious tie-in game content. While not bad, its weird how it all came about, presented as its own stand-alone thing, with achievements, and free for a limited time. Its nothing more than a demo of what Forza Horizons 2 is, with some movie-centric cars.

GetPhoto (63)

I completed Episode 1 of Tales from the Borderlands and will be posting a quick review of that for Thursday before starting Episode 2. I’ve also been playing Far Cry 4 a lot, inferred from the mention of screenshots I suppose. Expect a more thorough impression write-up on Wednesday for What I’m Playing feature, and a proper review. I’ve been playing it in co-op but reached a point where further story progression is necessary. The game elements are just so random and hilarious sometimes. I hope to get a Short Story out of that game soon too.

Well enough about me…

Evolve’s New Hunters

Probably better suited to tomorrow’s update, but Evolve is getting a big content update tomorrow, which includes 4 DLC characters. Slim, the new Medic, Sunny, the new Support, Crow, the new Trapper, and Torvald, the new Assault. Behemoth is the new Monster being released.

Sadly I haven’t had the opportunity to try this game yet. It doesn’t cater to my typical game, but if it drops in price like Titanfall, might be worth looking into.

April Games With Gold

To celebrate 100 million games downloads, Microsoft is doubling down on the free Xbox Games with Gold in April:

Xbox One

  • Pool Nation FX
  • Child of Light

Xbox 360

  • Gears of War: Judgment (Available from April 1-15)
  • Terraria (Available from April 1-15)
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (Available from April 16-31)
  • Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel (Available from April 16-31)

I’ll give Pool Nation and Child of Light a shot, but I’m not sure it’ll be my style of game. Unfortunately the 360 games I have. 😦

Half-Life 2: Update

The fan-created mod for Half Life 2, titled Half-Life 2: Update has been released on Steam free of charge. The 7GB update has numerous visual enhancements and bug fixes. Half-Life 2 has always been my favourite game and this serves as another opportunity to go back and revisit it. Maybe keep an eye out for some screen shots from that :).

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Requires a day one patch of 16GB on the Xbox One and 8.3GB on the PS4. Yikes. Luckily I have the storage. But do you?

I’m curious how big the game’s install is alone. I’ll be picking this up on Thursday. Eee!

Black Tusk Teasing Gears of War

Its not much, but Black Tusk has teased some Gears of War stuff via a Twitter picture Friday. Just a quick photo from a mo-cap shoot, but its still exciting to know that they are working on another Gears of War.


Halo 5 Dates

At the end of the HuntTheTruth trailer featuring Master Chief and Locke, the release for Halo 5: Guardians is announced as Oct 27th, 2015.

See you tomorrow with this weeks new games and DLC.


iReview – FORZA HORIZONS 2 PRESENTS FAST & FURIOUS – More Like Glorified Demo

….But why is it a separate game?

Title: Forza Horizons 2 Presents Fast and Furious
Developer: Playground Games
Platform: Xbox One
Publisher: Microsoft
Reviewed on: Xbox One

I’d previous reviewed Forza Horizons 2, and really, really liked it. It bested its predecessor in every way, and brought to the table what I like best in a racer. Forza Horizons 2 has since seen multiple car packs and a 2nd area DLC package in Storm Island. Storm Island brought with it a few new rally cars and rally car modifications, new championship races, new bucket lists, a brand new area, as mentioned, and new weather systems. $20 was the asking price, which is a little steep, but 50% for those who had the VIP season pass. The Storm Island DLC’s map added new types or terrain, more hills and off road segments. The DLC brought with it some modifications to the races themselves. Rally inspired. Ramps, and obstacles. Things like that.

“Storm Island is an enjoyable addition to say the least.”

Next came the announcement that Forza Horizons 2 would have a Fast and Furious movie tie in. And available for free for the first few weeks nonetheless. Sounded great. New inspired cars tied to the franchise, but not much else was really mentioned. Were there going to be actor’s involved? Story ties? Whats the point?


Well, sadly nothing else was included. The Fast and Furious movie tie-in version was released as a separate game, with its own achievements. and its own place in the game library. So what is it then? It’s not DLC. It’s a glorified demo.

The game starts you off as a newb who’s never played Forza. Tells you how Horizons 2 ended. and then proceeds to tell you how to accelerate, brake, and rewind. It gives you the driving line, and it even starts you off the same way Forza Horizons 2 does, in the Lambo. And now go drive to Nice, newbie.

It brings a new narrator, and some new music tracks. It gives you the Horizons 2 map, and it tasks you with the goal of chasing down and winning 10 vehicles. Cars, big surprise, from the Fast and Furious movie.

It brings back all the staples of the original game, with the discount boards, the bucket lists, screenshot mode, and after a while the online modes.

Lastly are the showcase races, which I believe are the only actual ties to the movie. First is a race against a Black Hawk Helicopter, and then at the end is the race with the Cargo Plane.

The game is an authentic view of what the full Forza Horizons 2 game brings. With Fast and Furious it brings 10 vehicles to Horizons‘ 200, roughly 30 races to Horizons‘ 700+.

“Free for now, but soon it turns into a $10 demo.”

For those who like easy achievements, Forza Horizons, or free movie tie-in games.

Notable Achievements:
Fast and Furious (Get to Nice) – 100G
Selfie! (Take a photo of the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T) – 30G