iReview – PORTAL 2 – {}

Started playing Portal 2, again, on the PC with a friend in co-op. Decided to re-post one of my first video game reviews.

Portal 2

September 4, 2011

Portal 2’s story and dialogue is brilliant.
Portal 2’s gameplay and use of portals is brilliant.
Portal 2’s co-op is frustrating with a drunk partner, but brilliant.

The end.

If your friends don’t think this is one of the best games ever, you need smarter friends.


Got the Star Wars Humble Bundle. 9 games. Also Square Enix 85% off deals on now. Got Dues Ex Collection and Just Cause collection. 6 games.

I already own/played most of Tomb Raider games so I dont need that collection, and I dont play Final Fantasy.

Steam sales aren’t fair. From a console gamer perspective.

New stuff coming soon. 🙂