So I started thinking of different ways to arrange my week. I believe I play games almost every day, at least in some respects. I at least talk about them or think about them about as much as any normal guy talks about . . . other things . . .

Usually every day I talk about some newsworthy things, that’s usually the main purpose of Monday, talk about news and the week to come. Tuesdays in news and New Games, Wednesday I usually talk about what games I’m currently playing and plugging away at, and Thursday’s I try to throw up a Review if I can. This is what I try to do every week, assuming something else doesn’t intervene.

But this also got me thinking about what I can do achievement related. In the reviews I try to include the notable achievements at the bottom. Something I felt was particularly creative or had a cool name. But I wanted to do more, since they are a true motivation for me. So I think every week, on Sundays to end the week, I’ll be including an Achievement of the Week post. Something quick and painless, to get me motivated for the week to come. These posts will be specific achievements that I’ve acquired throughout the week, and usually lead up to a screenshot gallery, or upcoming articles.

This week will be GOAT SIMULATOR. Released late this week, April 17th, and it’s only $9.99. It’s not really much of a game, but a fun sandbox physics simulator to play around in when you’re bored. It also has some easy achievements to chase. The game is somewhat of a parody of itself, and has some pretty entertaining moments in slow-motion. Thursday I’ll throw together a quick review from the Xbox One version.

This week’s Achievement of the Week (AotW) is from Goat Simulator:

100646-hiGoat Of The Hill – 15G
Everything the light touches is your kingdom

And all this will be mine?

And all this will be mine?

The goal is to reach the very top-most part of the crane in Goat Ville.

In other news, I’ve also started to export some of the screenshots from Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Far Cry 4. Would you kindly check them out here. -iRogan