ACHIEVEMENT OF THE WEEK – Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime

Last Tuesday I picked up Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime as my Tuesday game of the week. It’s a fun little co-op game built around relationships and communication, in space. You can check out my review for it here: iReview – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

The nice thing about the game is it’s designed around co-op, so both participants in the game get achievements, which is nice, and sorely lacking from other co-op games: Rayman, and Chariot, to name a few.

Also, there’s co-op centric achievements, like playing the game in co-op, augmenting a turret while it’s being used by your partner, and having two missile turret weapons collide. All original, fun achievements.

The rest of the game’s achievements are dedicated to defeating bosses, and boss specific actions, and collection types. All pretty expected.

I’ve chosen two achievements of the week though, for this game, and both dedicated to the co-op portion. I chose two because they’re similar: play one way with a friend, and try to play the exact opposite.

Achievement of the Week – Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

106008-hiCouples Dance Lesson – 10G
Pirouette 15 times in a single level.

To get this achievement, you have to cross paths with your partner 15 times during the level. It may not come naturally. Every time the two players cross paths, they perform a little pirouette dance before moving on.

105998-hiCooties – 50G
Finish a level without crossing paths with your partner.

This one is a lot harder to accomplish and will require an effort. Essentially it’s the exact opposite of the achievement above – do not cross paths with your partner. It’s a lot harder than one might think, and both people have to be on the same page to accomplish it – as the levels can get hectic at times.

The rest of the achievements this past 2 weeks were mainly in Lovers, WWE2k15, and Metal Gear Solid V. There was a break for a bit when I went down to PAX 2015.

Wednesday, Sept 2nd – Sunday, Sept 13th

Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • Bro Hammer (Complete any co-op level on Legendary) – 10G
  • Gunslinger (Halo 4: Beat the par score on Dawn) – 10G
  • Dawn (Halo 4: Complete Dawn) – 10G
  • Dark Fortress (Halo 4: Beat the par score on Requiem) – 10G
  • Requiem (Halo 4: Complete Requiem) – 10G
  • Lord of Admirals (Halo 4: Activate Terminal 2 on Forerunner) – 5G

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  • Awakening (Completed “PROLOGUE: AWAKENING”) – 15G
  • Captured (Captured an outpost or guard post) – 15G
  • Phantom Limbs (Completed “PHANTOM LIMBS”) – 15G
  • Extraction (Fulton extracted an enemy soldier) – 15G
  • Interrogation (Interrogated an enemy soldier) – 15G
  • Undertaken (Completed a SIDE OP) – 15G
  • Platoon (Increased Moth Base staff to 50 or more personnel) – 15G
  • Beekeeper (Completed “WHERE DO BEES SLEEP?”) – 15G
  • To The Rescue (Extracted a female prisoner) – 15G
  • Enhancement (Developed 50 or development items) – 15G
  • Battalion (Increased Mother Base staff to 250 or more personnel) – 15G
  • Cry Havoc (Made D-Dog available for deployment) – 15G
  • Gears Turn (Completed “HELLBOUND”) – 15G
  • Apprentice (Completed a mission using a Combat Unit staff member) – 15G
  • Trusty Steed (Raised bond with D-Horse to the maximum) – 15G


  • Ringmaster (Strike or wrench an opponent in 5 different chain hold positions) – 15G
  • Tap! Tap! Tap! (Make an opponent tap out with a submission that is not a Signature) – 30G
  • Gas tank never on empty (Win a match without reaching Stamina Level 3) – 15G
  • One foot in the grave (Win a match by a leverage pin) – 15G
  • True Champion (2KShowcase – Complete Hustle, Loyalty, Disrespect) – 20G
  • You’re so desperate! (Win a match using a Desperation Pin) – 15G
  • Read for the big leagues (MyCareer – Completed the NXT part) – 20G

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

  • Romantic Getaway (finish the tutorial) – 10G
  • Seat Warmer (Use every station in a single level) – 10G
  • Generosity (Throw a gem into a station that is being used by another player) – 10G
  • First Date (Beat any level in two player mode) – 10G
  • Clearing the Air (Finish a level after removing all fog of war) – 50G
  • Couples Dance Lessons (Pirouette 15 times in a single level) – 10G
  • Bear-Knuckle Boxing (Defeat Ursa Major) – 50G

Back to newsy type stuff tomorrow, new games Tuesday, What i’M Playing wrap-up, Preview, potentially not a Review (depending how much further I get in MGS V) and all that good stuff.