Not a Valentine’s Day Special unfortunately…

Saint’s Row IV is definitely not the most relevant game of choice, but ILLESTRADER and I recently got the weekly game nights running again, which has been nice. It’s given us the chance to re-visit co-op games we hadn’t completed while we wait for some new ones to come out (Dying Light).

One of the games that we have re-visited is Saint Row IV, since we haven’t completed it yet. After Saints Row The Third, being as spectacular as it was, I had high hopes for IV. But for me it was very disappointing. They took the one zany portion from III where you have super powers and turned it into a full game. Same city, just everything is a simulation, with hacking, and glitches. It just felt like they took all the bugs, texture popping and left over ideas, and added them as features. The game does have its notable moments, and some of the missions are very unique in design. It’s a breath of fresh air over some other co-op games, and I guess that’s what they were actually going for.

We’ve been playing on the Xbox 360, and may end up getting the Xbox One Re-elected version with Gat Out of Hell expansion afterwards.

The achievement I’m choosing was just a coincidence, and played nicely into the re-grouping of friends for game night.


Achievement of the Week – Saints Row IV

5+f6J6DOAbout Time – 30G
Completed “Welcome Back” and got the gang back together at last.

This achievement is story related, and can’t be missed. The beginning half of the game is about infiltrating the simulation city and extracting your friends from their respective predicaments, and getting them back to the ship. Kinda like The Matrix.


Last week I finished Rise of the Tomb Raider, and will be writing a review for that, and over this past week, I also tried out Styx: Master of Shadows, started and finished Beyond Good & Evil HD, and have been playing EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA Tour religiously, or at least until the EA Access trial runs out.

Sunday Feb 7 – Saturday Feb 13: 635G

Saints Row IV

  • About Time (Completed “Welcome Back” and got the gang back together) – 30G
  • Maximum Stopping Power (Completely upgraded one of your weapons) – 20G

Beyond Good and Evil HD

  • Hovercraft (Power up the hovercraft) – 5G
  • Gamble King 2 (Win 3 times in the pellet game against Francis) – 15G
  • Gamble King 1 (Win 3 times in the coconut shell game against Peepers) – 5G
  • Kicking *** (Kill 10 Alpha Section guards) – 15G
  • Bounty Hunter (Chase down all 4 looters) – 20G
  • Racing Champion (Score 1st in all 4 hovercraft races) – 20G
  • Big Heart (Get 10 hearts for Jade’s HP) – 15G
  • Moneybags (Discover 80 pearls) – 20G
  • Project Apollo (Pilot the spaceship to the moon) – 10G
  • Beyond Good and Evil (Complete the game) – 40G

Styx: Master of Shadows

  • Born in the shadows (Extinguish 30 torches) – 15G
  • Reminiscences (Finish the introduction) – 15G


  • Graduation (Earn your PGA TOUR card) – 10G
  • Pin Seeker (Hit the flag stick) – 15G
  • Ace Andrews Special (Get a hole in one) – 75G
  • Nothing But Cup (Hole a shot from over 100 yards) – 50G
  • Daily Competition (Play in a Daily Online Tournament) – 30G
  • Weekly Competition (Play in a Weekly Online Tournament) – 30G
  • The FIX is in (Win the U.S. Open with Rory vs Martin Kaymer) – 15G
  • Seeing Stars (Earn 3 stars in a challenge) – 10G
  • Feeling Boosted (unlock your first boost) – 10G
  • Now you’re golfing with Portals (Hit through a portal for the first time) – 15G
  • Battle Begins (Unlocked Parcel Storm Challenges) – 25G
  • Playing For Rank (Play in a Ranked Online H2H Game) – 30G
  • Playing For Fun (Play in a Unranked Online H2H Game) – 30G
  • All I Do Is Win (Win a PGA TOUR event) – 15G
  • Invitation Only (Win the EA SPORTS Spring Invitational) 30G


Back to news and new games on Tuesday, and a review lined up for Thursday. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

-iRogan ❤