150,000G Live Blog

So today, being Sunday, the achievements of the week day, I’m doing something unique: a live blog to celebrate reaching 150,000G. It’s not a large number, by some achievement hunting standards, but it’s a milestone nonetheless. A lot higher than the averages, that’s for sure. 

Last week I was at 149,337. This was a frustrating number because it ended in a 7. This off number was thanks to Mad Max with its 3 and 8G achievements. 

This weekend I played some more Rayman Legends and beat Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Which brought me up to 149,937G. So today my goal is to round off the number to a 5 or 0 and then wrap up the remaining amount and land perfectly on 150, 000g. As they come in I’ll be posting an update. Wish me luck. 


2:30pm – Mad Max: 

Doing Gutgash a BigFavor (Build two projects in Gutgash’s stronghold) – 3G  

Alright, off to a good start. I got my numbers round again. Now I can just focus on regular achievements. 

Now it gets stressful, because any random achievement can pop now and may throw off the number or accidentally bump me over. 

4:45PM – EA Sports UFC 2:

On the Rise (Won The Ultimate Fighter competition in your career) – 25G  


Surprise! (Something unexpected happened during your career) – 15G



The First Step (Open your first Fight Pack in UFC Ultimate Team) – 10G  
Well this is it. 149,990G. Guess I gotta decide what achievement I want and what game to unlock it in, keeping in mind to only get one that’s worth 10g and no more. And hopefully I don’t unlock anything else accidentally. 

*update* issue of note. I’ve unlocked the UFC achievement bt it hasn’t reflected on my overall score. I’m sitting at 980 still. 😦

*update* this issue fixed itself when I unlocked the next achievement.

5:51PM – Supreme Commander 2

Start Here (Complete both parts of the tutorial) – 10G  

I figured I’d give some honour to Supreme Commander 2 on the Xbox 360 as it was one of the free games of the month. I started playing it online last night with ILLESTRADER in online co-op, taking on some AI bad guys and learning how the game played. 


Well that was fun. The day is no where near over, so I’m just on a go back to playing more games. 


2 thoughts on “150,000G Live Blog

  1. Just remember completing games should be for your enjoyment. So many games force us to grind and become a chore. Enjoy the big milestone! I know I love it when I gain a level on PSN profile, get a platinum or 1,000 GScore. Congrats!!

  2. Oh absolutely. I wouldn’t play a game just for the achievements. My primary goal is always to finish the game, but the achievements may dictate how I play it. And I usually only go after the ones I deem attainable. Collection types are usually an immediate write off as I jump from one game to the next so fast that I don’t have time to stick around.

    Achievements do add an extra layer of enjoyment to a game for me, especially when I jump into a game without investigating them first, and unlock them organically.

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