Game Night: The Crew – W/ iRogan and Illestrader

Welcome back to the land of the living, you’ve been gone for quite some time . . .

Yes, I was dead, but I got better.

I’ve been playing The Crew a lot lately, and I’ll put together a review in progress for Thursday, but I thought I’d quickly throw together a quick time lapse of a recent race.


I was broadcasting this on last week. This is a race from The Crew, called Colorado Crawl; a race that takes over an hour to complete. I made a time lapse of it.

All the while, we kept getting a message at the top that the servers would be turning off for scheduled maintenance, at 12:30am, which was approximately the time we would be completing the race. This added unnecessary stress, as you can expect.


Everything should be back to normal again. News, New Games, What I’m Playing, Reviews, and Achievement of the Week.


2 thoughts on “Game Night: The Crew – W/ iRogan and Illestrader

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