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XBLA Creator Thinks Microsoft Should Bring the XBOX Arcade Back

Creator of the Xbox Live Arcade, Greg Canessa believes that Microsoft should bring back the XBLA name and brand for the Xbox One. I think this is actually a good idea. I don’t think they should keep the same achievement rules or size restrictions of the games, but I do believe a separate hub for these type of games is warranted. The game store is overloaded with smaller or indie games, and they don’t belong in the same lists as the AAA titles. It would be easier to spotlight some of these if separated and they could bring back the Summer of Arcade.

Quantum Break

Coming off the news last week about the simul-release of Quantum Break on Xbox One and PC, and the cross-platform cross-buy, Microsoft has confirmed that the game will be a Windows Store exclusive on Windows 10, and won’t be available via Steam.


New Releases – Feb 16-17

Kinda a weak week on both news and new releases

Street Fight V (PS4)
I’ve never really been a fan of fighters, but the street fighter series has been huge. The art and design has always been very impressive, so I’ll probably do up some new SF throughout the week, to honour the release.


TRON RUN/r (PS4, Xbox One)
A new, fast, action adventure runner game in the world of TRON. We can use it to help absorb the shed tears surrounding the “no Tron 3” news.

Rocket League (Xbox One)
I am kinda excited about this game. looks fun. Fast team sports. Soccer, but with cars.



See, kinda slow day. Thursday I have a lengthy review for Metal Gear Solid, more news before the weekend, and then an art dump, plus Achievement of the Week, if I play any of the games listed above. I’m currently playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Mad Max, and just started up Assassin’s Creed: Unity. I’ll have my first impressions for Assassin’s Creed Unity up over the next few days.

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