FUNKO, NEED FOR SPEED, Xbox Update and New Games- IDL NEWS

Overwatch Funko

Funko’s POP! collection will feature some of Overwatch’s playable characters. Four figures have been announced so far—Tracer, “the time-jumping test pilot;” Reaper, “the mysterious mercenary;” Widowmaker, “the ice-cold assassin;” and Winston, “super-intelligent, genetically enhanced gorilla.” To be released in May.


I really like the POP! vinyls, and have a growing collection. I prefer the video game ones to the TV show or movies, so these will look nice with my collection. I have all the Assassins, and Borderlands 2’s Claptrap, Moxxi, Jack and Psycho, Bioshock Infinite’s Booker and Elizabeth , and Kratos. I am missing the Evolve and Mass Effect ones :(.

Need For Speed Free Update

EA has confirmed that the next free update for Need For Speed will include drag racing. It will also include some new Hot Rods, a bigger warehouse to store vehicles, and livery editor tool improvements.


Xbox Update: March

March’s Xbox Update will bring backwards compatible Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One store to be purchased digitally, and Party Chat can now be publicly broadcasted via the Twitch streaming app. The host of the channel can choose who will be heard within the party.

Killer Instinct Season 3

Killer Instinct Season 3 will be launched on march 29th, 2016 on both the Xbox one and PC, and will feature cross-platform play. Season 3 will feature Battletoads’ Rash and the Arbiter from Halo, among others.


New Releases – March 1-4


Heavy Rain (PS4)
Heavy rain was a fantastic game for the PS3. A game of story twists and turns as you play from the perspective of 4 characters trying to solve numerous murders. The game has received both a visual and performance upgrade.

16544766Beyond: Two Souls (PS4)
Another game by Quantic Dream, and plays similar to Heavy Rain, both are drama action-adventure games And both have received the performance and visual upgrades and released as a combo package.

Mortal Kombat XL (Xbox One, PS4)
The ultimate Mortal Kombat X experience.The package includes 2 brand new characters in Leatherface and Alien, plus all the playable characters from the original release and Kombat packs. Includes new skins and a new stage.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (PC)
PC release of the completely redone Gears of War 1. The Xbox One release came out in August.

Far Cry Primal (PC)
PC release of last weeks Far Cry game, that came out on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (WiiU)
HD remastering of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, originally released on the Wii and Gamecube in 2006.


Currently plugging away at my review for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which is the pure definition of a late review. So that’ll be ready for Thursday fingers crossed.



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