So October is somewhat of a bittersweet month for me. I take part in a month long endeavor to draw more – appropriately titled #Drawtober. I draw quite a bit throughout the year, whenever motivation and inspiration sparks simultaneously. But with this blog, and my game queue, and other distractions, I find it harder and harder to actually find the time, sit down, and draw.

So, I quite look forward to October. But that also means setting everything else aside, including games, so that I can actually draw something every day. That’s the part that sucks.


I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine.

I’m not a good artist. Therefore I rely heavily on my ability to critique my own work – unlike some truly talented artists who can produce godly work even without thinking off half their brain. It sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends entirely on my condition that day.

Sometimes it takes me a few strokes to achieve the effect I want, and some other times it takes a few hours just to draw some damn random crap. It is entirely up to left side of my brain (the logical side) to figure out if something make sense or not. And THAT even depends on if I had a crappy morning or not.

But while my skill tends to fluctuate, my ability to self-critique is on a steady rise, and that is my only hope.


This year, because of the blog, and because of the imposing Extra Life gaming marathon in November, I’m doing a full month of video game themed drawings. My hope is to complete enough that I’ll be able to auction some of them off during the event, possibly raise some more money.

Head over to the Extra Life page, I’ll be posting my work, daily.

In the mean time, I still hope to find some time to do some writing.

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