IDL PREVIEW – LawBreaker

In my ever expanding quest to find new things to write about, I’ve decided to dedicate some time towards a dedicated preview of an upcoming game that catches my fancy.

Weekly I discuss the news when there is some (mostly always), the new releases, a discussion on what I’m currently playing, usually a review, and my achievement of the week. The news usually catches any big updates on a game before its release – but nothing truly fleshed out – and my What i’M Playing feature and iReview catch it afterwards, but I think I’m going to try and dedicate a post to previewing a game, an in-depth preview.; discuss its announcement trailer, gameplay, release, etc. This may not be weekly, but maybe as often as news and games permit. And it’ll really only be for notable games I might find interesting.

This format allows me to slide it under the Features section as well, and allows me to revisit and update the post, if new info comes to light.

I’m basically just broadening my scope, dedicating more time to writing, as the regular news is just relaying the same info you can find anywhere else.

Unique content FTW! Without further ado . . .


Lawbreaker is an upcoming video game developed by Boss Key Productions and published by Nexon. The game will be a free-to-play sci-fi arena shooter. Created by Cliff Bleszinski, formerly of EPIC and Gears of War fame, the game was originally codenamed Project BlueStreak. Expected release date is in 2016.

Boss Key Productions was founded by Bleszinski after he came out of retirement – retirement due feelings of gaming fatigue with gamers, developers and publishers alike.



The story goes that due to testing on the moon’s surfaced caused it to be split, and in turn, caused massive damage to Earth due to its gravitational forces, leaving seas churning and the Earth cracking. The effects were so severe that Earth’s gravity never went back to normal. But eventually life went on, and civilization was rebuilt.

After a time of peace, human nature started to return, and the strong started to pick on the weak as they tend to do. The year is 2105 and gangs have started utilizing gravity manipulation to become super strong. The gangs unified across the globe and became knows as the Breakers. Consecutively, Law Enforcement joined forces to fight the threat.


The game is using the Unreal Engine, as Bleszinski is want to do. And he’s gone back to what he’s done best, arena shooters. The level design is unique, due to the gravity theme, as there’s floating islands and rock formations. Verticality and mobility will obviously play a large role in this game and will feature jet packs, gravity fields and grappling hooks. The three pillars are: guns, gangs, and gravity.

The gameplay trailer features some of the different playable characters. First up:

Kitsune – Assassin/ Gang. She runs around wielding two swords, grappling hook, and energy gun.
Breacher – Gunner/ Law. Breacher features an energy gun, shoulder gun, boost pack, and the trailer shows the ability for him to shoot backwards blindly, over his shoulder, and pistol.
Maverick – Skirmisher/ Gang. This character has a jet pack and almost wings, so he looks more aerial. Hes got a beam chaingun type weapon and throws grenades.
Cronos – Titan/Gang. This is the heavy. He’s a big character with powerful melee and ground smash, Equipped with a rocket launcher, and has the ability to rocket jump.



Unknown yet is when the true release window is, and if this will be PC exclusive. Stick around for more info.


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