NEWS – Those Mid-Week Lulls Tho

So I have a new co-op buddy and we’re going to be going through Tomb Raider – Temple of Osiris. Yay!

On the 360, in 2010, Tomb Raider – Guardian of Light was released and it revealed that the single player Tomb Raiding narrative isn’t always needed. It provided a smart simplistic co-op game, in the top-down dungeon crawler view, with clever puzzles and fun combat.

maxresdefault (1)

4 years later, and a next-gen transition – Tomb Raider – Temple of Osiris. Graphically it’s not much of an upgrade, but it is bigger in scope. It is now 4 player capable, and the puzzles actually reform, depending how many players are in the room. More of a preview to come.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is Real, and its actually called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst
The team at DICE have confirmed that this is not Mirror’s Edge 2, it’s not a direct sequel.

“is not a sequel, this is not Mirror’s Edge 2. We have landed on a vision that honors the first game — pushing the boundaries of first person movement and diving deeper into the story behind our heroine Faith — but also brings a lot of great new, interesting gameplay and features to the experience for our players.”


Mirror’s Edge will be at E3 as well. Colour me excited.

Adr1ft – So, Like Gravity – The Video Game?

Will We See The Last Guardian at E3?
The Last Guardian will finally be getting a re-reveal at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, apparently.

“on very good authority that this will be the year that Team Ico finally presents its follow-up to much loved classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.”

The Last Guardian was first announced for PlayStation 3 back in 2009, but thanks to studio troubles, the title still has yet to see the light of day.

Over the next few days I’ll be discussing Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and posting an iReview for Sniper Elite III.

We’re getting into the real news, just around the corner with E3. I hope to bulk up the E3 Hub page with more info heading into the event that starts Sunday with Bethesda.


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