NEWS – Just Smile In Their Direction, Works Everytime

New games know how to get your attention, and the pin number for your ATM card . . .

Today we’ll talk about the new games, June’s Deals, and we’ll also discuss today’s news: Tomb Raider Trailer.

Tomb Raider’s New Trailer

New trailer for Rise of the Tomb Raider has been released, and it shows Lara fighting through a blizzard. The trailer informs us that we’ll be seeing more at the E3 press conferences. Add this title to my list of eagerly anticipated games. Check my review for the predecessor: Tomb Raider. Trailer below. Boop.

June’s Games With Gold

Double Fine’s Massive Chalice leads the pack this month on the Xbox One, and we’re still able to pick up Pool Nation FX. Massive Chalice seems similar to 2012’s XCOM Enemy Unknown’s gameplay, as it’s a turn based strategy. Expect new info from me on it soon. Add it to the list I guess.

On the Xbox 360 we can pick up Avalanche Studio’s Just Cause 2, for the first half of the month, and Thief,  in the latter half. I’ve been interested in Thief, so it’s too bad this isn’t the Xbox One version. Oh well.

A little bit of house cleaning here, as I missed a few of the notable releases. Apologizes. Let’s catch up:

Destiny: House of Wolves (Xbox One, 360, Ps3, Ps4) – The second expansion to Destiny, is the House of Wolves. Included is a new social hub in the reef, new story missions and a strike, as well as some new PvP and PvE multiplayer game modes. Notable absence is a new Raid. I’ve played for a bit, trying out the new levels and seeing the new bad guys, but haven’t been able to dive too deep yet. Stick around for further impressions.

2698809-the+witcher+3+-+wild+hunt+v7The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One, Ps4, PC) – 200+ hour RPG. Probably not going to happen, as much as the game looks cool, and does grab my attention, this will be a hard pass until it’s cheaper, and when I have nothing to play (ie: probably never). Witcher 2 was not a lot of fun to get into with its hour long tutorials, and confusingly deep crafting and combat system. This one, #3 may be better suited for non-RPG types, but I’m not there yet.

Game of Thrones: Episode 4 – Sons of Winter (Xbox One, 360, Ps3, Ps4, PC) – I have the Telltale Bundle, so I’ll wait until all the episodes have been released, and then I’ll run through them.

BADLAND: Game Of The Year Edition (Xbox One, Ps3, Ps4) – Picked this up the other day as the gameplay looked fun, and it supports up to 4 players, to do what, I don’t know. Once I jump in, I’ll share my thoughts, in this here word format.

ss_51df4cbbcbe26ebb2643a4941eb8d5b9196b39cc.600x338Massive Chalice (Xbox One, PC) –

This game is actually June’s Games With Gold free game of the month, surprisingly on its launch day. Odd. But YAY, free games. Impressions soon.

I’m continuing to build up my E3 Page as we get closer to the event, so keep an eye there for my early impressions, anticipated titles, and news.

Thursday I’ll have deeper impressions of The Crew, and I recently started up SplinterCell: The Blacklist, on the 360, so I’ll share my irrelevant thoughts here, as the game is a little dusty now. I might have new things to say about Badlands, and/or Massive Chalice at the same time. Who knows?

Lastly, I wrapped up Unmechanical, which was a fun little title, so look for that iReview on Friday.



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