WHAT I’M PLAYING – Stop. Shoot. Stop. Shoot.

Do those words sound the same to you?

I’m nearing the end of Far Cry 4, and happily playing it in co-op the oft chance I get. It’s a very fun game with lots to do, but the game does suffer, I feel, from some repetition of the side quests. They are essentially fetch or destroy quests, and don’t require a lot of thought, just more walking or driving around.


I think my biggest issue with Far Cry 4 is the driving. The new feature they added is the ability to shoot and drive at the same time, (or at least while remaining in the vehicle) and this is a nice addition, unfortunately it really does screw with the camera and the ability to drive straight. It’s a nice feature that they added, that the car can auto-pilot while aiming, but sometimes this can get messed up with other AI vehicles on the road. Once I wrap the game I’ll write a more thorough opinion in the form of a review.

Over the weekend – because I felt I was getting too easily distracted in Far Cry and not focusing on the story – I decided to start up Call of Duty: Ghosts. This is a game I’ve been sitting on for well over a year, mainly because it’s another Call of Duty game. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was kind of a big drag to play, and I actually skipped Black Ops 2 entirely. Its there though, sitting on my shelf, glaring. But I think I’m over it and ready to move on to the current gen of COD games. Maybe I have a problem with Treyarch vs. Infinity Ward. Who knows.

What I really needed though, was a linear shooter where I didn’t need to think much. Just aim and pull the trigger. Duck down, pop back up and do it again. Stop. Shoot. Stop. Shoot. Call of Duty games are very epic at the best of times, and I think this is why I needed it. Far Cry is great, but you make your own mayhem. Sometimes, just sometimes you want to be thrown into the storm and watch the world get destroyed around you, and this is what COD games provide. In spades.

riley-2Ghosts provides some new upgraded graphics, not Next-Gen (this gen?), but close. it also gives us a dog, with some new gameplay mechanics. The game plays like any other COD game though. Same screen shake, same explosions, same tried, tested, and proven true mechanics. Maybe COD Advanced Warfare changes it up? Doubt it, but I’ll play it regardless.

Anyways, I’m just about to wrap it up (Call of Duty, that is), as it’s an expected brief campaign. I might stick around to wrap up some achievements, and then post a review next week for it, before I forget the minute details.


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