New Year’s Revolutions

I hardly make resolutions for the New Year, because we can really make changes and improvements any time during the year. And it seems that a lot of resolutions just turn into revolutions. Repeating themselves year after year.

“I want to get healthy.”

“Oh look! Chips!”

*shrug* “There’s always next year.”

So now I’m more or less going to just ramble on about some of the things I hope to accomplish over the next year.

Here we go:

1. Happy: Little know fact about me: I’m not always happy. Whether is job related, finance related, loneliness, or whatever. This year I’m focusing on being happy. Things that make me happy include: dogs, soft blankets, warm hugs, music, writing about video games, drawing, taking pictures, reading comics, and my family. So I’m going to try and include a lot of that in my daily life.

2. Healthy: A lot of the things that make me happy happen to make me immobile. On top of that I sit at a computer at work all day. So I’m going to focus on health choices to improve things. Spend more time in nature when the opportunity is available, More running around New West to clear my head. Eat better. Less Pepsi.

3. Create and Inspire: 2014 was a pretty good year for my artistic endeavors. I continued my annual Drawtober event, and almost made it a full month. I started working with water colour, and now charcoal. Got a new Wacom Tablet as well. I also started a blog, writing about video games. I hope this is just the beginning of things to come. 2015 will be about creating a positive environment so that I can succeed, and create more consistently.

I also started participating in the Extra Life charity event. Playing games to raise money for the local Children’s Hospital Network. 2014 I raised $455 in one 24 hour marathon. I hope to match that, and raise more this year!

4. See: I’m starting to get the travel bug. To see certain countries. I’ve had some vacations in the past to places like Mexico, or Ontario, and my annual trips down to Seattle. But this year I want to start the ground work for something bigger. I don’t expect any trips yet, just the plan.

5. Experience: I guess this can be included in #4, but I want to do more than wake up and go to work this year. I would like to experience new things, and try meeting some new people who inspire creativity.

I guess that’s it. 5 simple things for me to try and focus on over the next year. They might turn into revolutions and turn into goals for the next year, but that’s ok. I gotta focus on my finances too so I guess that’s why #6 is: flexible. When life throws me a wrench, I just have to learn to dodge it.

30 will be an interesting year. Fingers crossed!

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