Let’s Blog it Out

To get something out of the way, I always buy games new, but I typically don’t play them new, or get around to them new, unless this is dictated by another party, ie: multiplayer game or co-op game that my friend and I purchased together. An example of this is Destiny, or Halo Master Chief Collection. Otherwise it sits on my shelf, sometimes for months, before I ever get around to playing it. It’s a huge fault of mine, but it’s because I play a lot, A LOT, of games, and I don’t have the time to get to all of them, complete them, in the timeliest of fashions.

Most egregious of these is probably the AAA titles that really should be played around the same time everyone else is playing and talking about them; to avoid spoilers mainly. Lately I don’t feel so bad, as a number of recent games have been suffering from bugs and network issues, rendering some nearly unplayable. Currently sitting on my shelf, unopened, on the 360: SplinterCell Blacklist, on the Xbox One: The Evil Within, Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Lord of the Rings – Shadow of Mordor, and Dead Rising 3. And that’s just AAA titles.

Anyways, for the month of December I’ll be visiting the games I’ve played this year, these not necessarily games that actually came out this year, as some came out last year, and I’m just catching up. 12 key games to be specific, I’ll throw in a couple notable mentions, and touch on the games I’ll be getting to next year. Again, I procrastinate, so these are late reviews, probably after the game itself has lost most of it’s appeal.

Stick around!

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