iReview – DISHONORED – Silent Protagonism

A breath of fresh air. Because when I sit down to play this game, the next thing I realize, I’ve been sitting on my couch the entire weekend, and should probably get up and go to work. Or something.

This game is 2 parts Dues Ex, 1 part Bioshock. 2 for the game-play and freedom, stay for the art style. Its a grim stealthy assassination game, set in Victorian London, if it had been invaded by zombies on one front, and the Combine on the other.

I like stealth, and I like the stealth in this, but near, what I thought was the end, the game does a switchback, and lo, I’m only 3/4 done, and by this point, after 8 hours into today’s session, I have no more patience for stealth, and I want this game to end, with it’s head chopped off.

I ruin the pacing of games like these because I try to do all the paths available, at the same time, in the same play through. Saving and reloading until I get my desired outcome. But, 20 hours into my 1st – and only – play through, and the verdict is that this is a good game. Fantastic art style, memorable story, amazing game-play, and a silent protagonist.

And what a terrible inconvenience that silent protagonism turns out to be. You cant talk your way out of conversations, you just have to get all stabby stab-stab.

For those who like awesome games, Victorian London, and stabbing people.

Notable Achievements:
Wall of Sparks (You killed an enemy with the Wall of Light) – 10G
Cleaner (You fought 5 enemies at once and none of them survived) – 10G

2 thoughts on “iReview – DISHONORED – Silent Protagonism

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