Day 3 – A Diary Divided: The Division

What follows is a chronological order of events that take place in a series, written by an Agent within The Division who shall remain anonymous. He shares his nickname at the end of each entry, so that his friends and family will recognize, that they may keep up to date with his journey. The entries are date stamped the day they are received, which may not reflect the day they were written, as some entries may cover multiple days. They are posted as they come in, unaltered.


Day 3

The city is in an all-out war. The Rikers and The Cleaners patrol the street making it hard for the Agents to get anywhere now. I made it back to the Post Office HQ limping with my left thigh heavily bandaged and probably missing my eyebrows. But I made it back.

Following the events at MGS and falling asleep in the subway tunnels, I awoke to the squeaking of rats. They were crawling all over my bag trying to get at my rations. I hastily gathered my shit and made it above ground to breath in some “fresh air”. Noticing now what I failed to notice last night was the very real fact that the subway tunnels were now the city morgue. Or were anyways. The subways are controlled by the Cleaners now – sanitation workers who think that everyone is infected and have taken it upon themselves to “clean” the city. And by clean I mean incinerate. Equipped with a full flame-retardant suit and flamethrower. They’ve been holding out in the subway tunnels cremating the corpses.

Luckily I was able to make it by them unseen, meet up with the city services crew and assist with getting the generators back on so the tunnels can vent again. 


The subway station and tunnels are a hot mess. Luckily we were able to get some power turned on to the fans and emergency sprinklers.

Meeting up with Captain Benitez is a different story. We met at the secret safehouse after the coordinates were forwarded to my Comm. After the introductions, and discussing the plan of attack, taking back the city, the safehouse was attacked by a large gang. They somehow crafted an IED and blew a hole through the wall and had a sniper situated in the distance, spotting us. A shrapnel grenade exploded within the safehouse and I got some pieces lodged in my leg, hence the limp and bandages. Luckily the doctor here was able to take care of everything, ensuring prompt healing. I’m sure the blood will be hard to get out in the laundry though.

I spoke with Benitez briefly about MGS. He’s been at ground zero since day one and his hands are far from clean now. He was not convinced that our current predicament would be ending soon, but quite the opposite. The destruction and looting, and deaths will get a lot worse. And I’m starting to see it even now. The meager hold we have is deteriorating. I’m constantly hearing explosions off in the distance, and I’m not sure if that’s just gang warfare, or my fellow Agents. We need more people, more help.

The Farley Post Office and the people inside are working endlessly to help anyone in need. The Medical, Tech, and Security wings are all set now, so any new Agent coming in will at least be equipped and fed, and sent to an outpost. I’m still at my vacated condo, but I spoke with the tech guys and they have given me some security cameras, and some locking clamps for my door. The building I’m staying at is now within the safe zone of the Post Office, which has hourly patrols, so that’s a huge relief.


Some of the city blocks are blocked off due to high concentration of contaminated materials.

The news has started to broadcast more stories from inside, so at least some information, besides my letters, are getting out. My contact at the Post HQ confirmed that my previous correspondence was decrypted and extracted from the FTP, so that’s another relief, knowing my letters are published somewhere.

We’re taking the city back block by block. Tomorrow I’ve been tasked with some rooftop medical scans, restoring connections to some hardline cameras in the Hudson yards, and a breach into Mahattan Mall, as the medical team thinks that a lot of the money transfers happened there, and they want some of the bank notes to test.

I have to attend to my leg now, make sure the wounds are cleaned and re-dressed for the evening, and make sure this letter gets dropped off at HQ.