Procrastinate Review: Remember Me

My Procrastinated Comparative Review of Remember Me

Going back to the shorter form reviews for a bit, so that I can pump a few of them out to catch up, but it’s also because I’m going to be reviewing Remember Me, which I forgot to review when I played it 4 months ago. I bought this game because the cover art had a splendid shapely bum on it, and that’s the most memorable part of the game.



The game Remember Me is an action adventure game based in a futuristic Paris, Neo-Paris (literally), and revolves around our protagonist, Nilin, who is a part of a rebel group called the Errorists, and their attempts to bring down the Memorize Corporation. The Memorize Corporation has invented a chip, Sensen, which allows the civilians of Neo-Paris to have the ability to upload and share their memories on Youtube probably, as well as remove unhappy or unpleasant memories. This gives Memorize an immense degree of control over the populace on Neo-Paris, as they have established a surveillance state.

Nilin is a memory hunter, and has the gift of stealing memories, called Remembranes, and remixing memories. This is by far, the most interesting mechanic of the game, where you enter the memory of key characters in the story, and remix key parts of them so that they remember the events differently. A shame this mechanic is only used a hand-full of times.

The game’s combat mechanic is solid, and has a unique build-your-own combos system, and the game art and level design is visually appealing, allowing for some straight-forward platforming sequences, but is linear in design. The game also has its share of game breaking bugs, revolving around the enemy’s wave based fighting sequences; if you take out the enemies in the wrong order and initiate a cut-scene, the game will prevent you from proceeding to the next checkpoint. Restart Checkpoint. Break Controller.

Overall, the game has an interesting story, art and level details look great, and has solid gameplay, but the bugs, uninspired wave based enemy interactions, and agonizing terminology related to ‘memories’ prove to be this games undoing.

Notable Achievements:

God is a DJ (Find and activate all interactions in all memory remixes) – 40G

Serve the Servant (Beat 20 robot enemies) – 20G