E3 2015 – Bethesda Press Conference #BE3


BETHESDA E3 2015 Showcase :

Bethesda‘s first stand-alone press conference at E3 starts big, a day before E3 officially starts. It starts off with a promo video showcasing the staff and different studios under the Bethesda umbrella. It then moves onto a promo trailer showing its recent games in: Skyrim, Dishonored, Rage, Battlecry, Wolfenstein, Doom, and The Evil Within.

-Pete Heins takes the stage to epic music.

“Welcome to the first ever press conference for Bethesda Gameworks. Welcome all.”



-The show starts off with DOOM. id Tech 6, or id Tech 666 ;). Marty Stratton takes the stage, from id Software. DOOM based on 3 foundations: Bad-Ass Demons, Big F’n Guns, and Fast Movement. Trailer based on mars again, and the game looks gorgeous and runs smooth. We’re in a mining facility, lots of molten steel. Climbable objects, brutal melee, lots of blood. Double Barrel shotgun is brutal, blowing enemies to chunks. Boost jump, and climbable platforming – more verticality. Game is fast and smooth, and slows down, slow-motion, when switching weapons. Showcases a lot of different weapons, chainsaw being the highlight. The melee looks contextual. Body part specific melee.

DOOM multiplayer, fast paced arena mode, showcasing power-ups and vertical levels. Quick trailer shows what the DOOM multiplayer will look like.

-Next quick trailer announced DOOM Snapmap. Community in-game mod tools allows players to create their own maps and game types that can be shared to the online community. Shared across all platforms.

-Before Marty leaves, we’re back into the single player mode, in Hell. A couple new guns are shown, with difficult combat with new baddies, and the boost jump-stomp. The enemies get highlighted in either a blue or red coating which means melee is an option, not sure what the difference between the two colours mean. Final stand-off between the main guy and a HUGE bad guy where the BFG is brought up and fade-to-black. DOOM is announced for Spring 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

-Pete Heins is back on the stage talking about DOOM Snapmap. He announces the network background for all their current games, and game in the future: Bethesda.net. This is where content creation will be housed.



-Team Fortress style game is showcased, showing the work that’s been done of the past year. Cartoony art style showing lots of different characters and attacks. Sign-up for the global beta is open now.

Dishonored 2


-Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio directors at Arkane Studios on the stage to talk about Dishonored. FPS, stealth based story. Trailer for Dishonored 2: Pre-rendered video showing the new world, new powers, new bad guys, new hero? A new female protagonist. And a brief glimpse at the original mask. Fade.

-Two optional playable characters this time.

-Lastly, Dishonored Definitive Edition, HD remake with DLC – available this fall.

Elder Scrolls Online

-Now available on the consoles with the latest update Tamriel Unlimited. Quick trailer showing the new content.

Elder Scrolls Legends

-Strategy card game – with the Elder Scrolls heroes and history. Free to play, on PC and iPad.

Fallout 4


-Pete Heins jokingly says the conference is over, much to the crowd’s chagrin. Heins gets confused at the crowd’s dismay, and the fans chant Fallout 4. He quickly remembers why everyone is here.

Bethesda has won 3 consecutive Game of the Year awards with Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Skyrim.

-Todd Howard is introduced and comes to stage. Howard says the E3 is the best week of entertainment ever. Games are the best form of entertainment.

-The team started designing Fallout 4, after Fallout 3 back in 2009, but obviously had to do so slowly, as they were working on Skyrim. Discusses the teams attention to detail, showcasing the concept art of Fallout. Quick art reel.

Fallout 4 starts in the world, before the bombs start falling. Player creation starts. Option to play as a female. Quick tour of the house and the world before the bombs. References to the past game’s notables, with Nuka Cola, or Sugar Bombs. Next up, registration for the Bomb Shelter, where you set your vital stats. The city sirens start blaring and everyone is running towards the vault, when the atom blast detonates.

-Skip ahead, 200 years later, sole survivor of Vault 111. Introduction to the wasteland. Enormous dynamic world. Create who you want, go where you want, do what you want. Player freedom is priority #1.  Dynamic volumetric lighting is shown. Conversation system still a mainstay. Conversation are dynamic, and the game can be played in first person or 3rd. You can walk away from a conversation whenever you want.

-Introduced to the dog, Dogmeat, and dog commands. Everything is contextual.

-VATS is back, and shows slow-motion bullets.

-Game is based in downtown Boston. Quick reel of the many different locations that can be visited.

-Introduction to the new Pip-boy. Showcases layered armor system. Mini-game options in the Pip-boy. Real edition of a Pip-boy that supports a cell phone available in the collector’s edition, and has a pip-boy app as a second screen experience.

Fallout Shelter – iPhone Game

-Vault micromanagement game based in the Fallout world. Vault dwellers can level up, and can be sent out to the wasteland to gather resources and collect items. Vault can grow with new additions.

-Game is free. No timers, no internet connection required. Available tonight.

Back to Fallout 4

-Player can rebuild the world, in-game, in real time. People will arrive to your settlement. Can build crops, and power generators. Can run wires to terminals and lights, and defenses. You can build your own little settlement and community. Need to build defenses as the settlement will get attacked by raiders.

-Many settlement sights are available throughout the world that can be grown and built up. Completely optional.

-Crafting works on weapons too. 50 base weapons and over 700 modifications for those weapons. Can even modify our own power armor.

-Play how you want: FPS, 3rd Person, or through VATS. Quick video showing the variety of the game, weapons, and characters. Play how you want.

-Thank you to all from Bethesda to all the fans. Thank you for the patience. Game will be released November 10th, 2015, to much applause.

-Pre-E3 over and done with Bethesda.

-Up next is Microsoft’s at 9:30am tomorrow morning. See you in the morning.