Spoilt for choice part 2

As a quick follow up to my previous post, specifically comics, I archived my weekly collection piles.

Not a weekly process, by maybe bi-weekly or monthly if I’m lazy. The books just stack into piles on my shelf until I’m ready to haul out the short boxes. Then I spend the evening organizing and archiving into their designated boxes.

Then once a series ends, it’s moved into the long box collection.

Tonight, I archived the following series that have ended:

  • DC Universe – Lazarus Planet event. One-Shots and Mini Series
  • Batman Vs Robin
  • Batman Beyond the White Knight
  • Batman White Knight presents Red Hood
  • The Human Target
  • WYND: Book 3 – The Throne in the Sky
  • SGT Rock vs The Army of the Dead
  • The Nice House on the Lake
  • Inferno Girl Red (Massive Universe)
  • Batman: One Bad Day. One Shots
  • The Dead Lucky (Massive Universe)
  • Gotham City: Year One
  • Stillwater
  • Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man

That’s all – phew. Thanks, and have a good night.


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