Drink a Redbull, take a nap.

That’s how I intend to time travel.

So this past week was a short family get-away. But more like a working away from home trip. We were house/cat sitting. Working remotely.

I didn’t bring the Xbox so that we could curb the screen time a bit. But this raised an interesting problem. How would I play games?

Well, we made do with what we had. What we had: Nintendo Switch, iPhone, iPad, internet.

With the Xbox Xcloud I was able to play Golf With Your Friends with touch controls on the iPad and used my iPhone for the Xbox party chat. And I was able to play Rocket League on the Switch with cross-play enabled. So I still got to have some fun with friends.

Golf with your Friends on the iPad w/touch controls.

On Friday Oct, 1 my Week 1 Drawtober was posted. So I’ll upload it here too, below and on the Drawtober 2021 gallery. I’ve also found the time to put out another Stranger Than Friendship webcomic. My plan is still to post a new #Drawtober picture every Friday. And I also have another webcomic idea brewing for next month.


I think that’s all for this week. Take care and be safe.


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