Procrastinate Reviews: Roguelight! (and the darkness within)

I’ve come to realize that I might’ve taken on a few too many creative outlets during my short time here.

Typically in my free time , I’m playing video games. If not, then I’m probably drawing or sketching little things related to video games. I’d also like to write little things about video games, but there’s only so many minutes in an hour

Roguelight was suggested to me by a friend. A friend called the internet…



Are You Afraid of the Dark? is one of the questions this game asks. Roguelight is a small little retro game about a little character in a dark cave, with bats, and spikes, and little ghouls. Our path is lit by little torches, fireflies, and our trusty fire arrows. These arrows are also our only line of defense against the ever encroaching darkness.

The point of the game is to make it as far as you can, collecting coins. When you die, your coins can be spent on upgrades to your quiver of arrows, and your health.

Play, upgrade, repeat. You make it a little further each time, and the level design is a little random each time you re-spawn, so you’re always scrambling through the darkness, blind, trying not to stub your face on those pesky spikes.

Free to download on the PC, and donate to support the developer.

In darkness cave, in blackest night
OW!, These pesky spikes escape my sight
Let me wander, these arrows alight,
Shit, I‘ve gone this way already, there’s my light

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